Devil’s night in Detroit October 31st, 2022 477 words

Most people are familiar with traditions of All Hallows Eve or Halloween. In my hometown the scariest night was October 30th or Devil’s Night. It was a night for pranks. It was popular in the 1930s and 1940s. Older youth would soap window or decorate trees with rolls of toilet paper. Occasionally, a hole fromContinue reading “Devil’s night in Detroit October 31st, 2022 477 words”

Birthday Celebrations October 24, 2022 474 words

This week, I celebrate my 68th birthday. Thats is a lot of cake and ice cream! Recently, we have had several first birthday parties. The consensus of the family members is to place a small cake in front of the birthday child and record him or her attacking the cake. My youngest niece Evie, eagerlyContinue reading “Birthday Celebrations October 24, 2022 474 words”

Art and visually challenged artists 478 words

Two months ago, I was invited to share my process and insights on producing craft art for the APH Insight Art Contest. I have participated with the show for the last 5 years. My friend and fellow artist recommended me to APH after she turned them down due to a full schedule.Carol, you are soContinue reading “Art and visually challenged artists 478 words”

A walk in the past October 3, 2022 600 Words

This weekend, I talked with my sister-in-law Karen, about her trip to Scotland. She reminded me of many places that I had seen in Scotland. One of the most interesting memories was visiting an old Scottish chapel high on the North Sea coast surrounded by fields. This chapel was so old that it only hadContinue reading “A walk in the past October 3, 2022 600 Words”