National Frog Jumping Day May 13,2021

Looking over informal national days, I was intrigued. What was this all about? In my research, the celebration started in the 1930’s to highlight Samual Clements, affectionally known by his pen name, Mark Twain. At the age of 29, he was fired by another newspaper to find himself broke and at a loss for aContinue reading “National Frog Jumping Day May 13,2021”

National Nurses Day May,6, 2021

Nurses, like many other medical professionals, have worked long and hard this year. Some have given their lives to nurse others. Though women have played a major role in births, holistic knowledge and caring of the dying, no formal training was offered until the mid 1900s. Women were conscripted in the Revolutionary War to maintainContinue reading “National Nurses Day May,6, 2021”

Live and Let Live April 27, 2021

While perusing historical events for this day, I came across a sad moment in our past. In 1953, President Eisenhower’s first executive order was to ban LGBT persons from holding government jobs. This was the height fear of communism. The President consider the group akin to communists as a security leak. From the mid-1950’s toContinue reading “Live and Let Live April 27, 2021”

A Mother’s Pride April 22, 2021

I was thinking of the stages of parenthood. First there is the arrival of a dependent baby. All needs met by the parents. Then the child learns skills, knowledge is accrued and IQ tested. Your child is consider grown but not necessarily an adult. As the child grows, the parents strength and thoughts processes mayContinue reading “A Mother’s Pride April 22, 2021”

Together, we can restore the earth April 20, 2021

This coming Wednesday is the 51st Earth Day. There will be a three days of digital groups of youth, educators and governments talking and working together to restore our home, the earth. This movement started as a reaction to a disaster. In 1969 in the Santa Barbara Channel. Senator Nelson from Wisconsin after veiwing theContinue reading “Together, we can restore the earth April 20, 2021”

ASL and high Five Day April 15, 2021

Everyone knows that is tax day except for this year. I thought I would celebrate a holiday that is close to my heart. ASL or American Sign Language is the natural language of the deaf population. It is used by 250,000 to 5000,000 people in the United States and Canada. Numbers vary due to theContinue reading “ASL and high Five Day April 15, 2021”

There is one in every Family April 13, 2021

In a scene at the beginning of the “Lion King”, Zazu the bird is lamenting with Mufasa the lion king about a family member that always spoils special occasions. That person in my family was my Great Aunt Pearl. She was a widow most of the time I knew her. With no children of herContinue reading “There is one in every Family April 13, 2021”