ASL and high Five Day April 15, 2021

Everyone knows that is tax day except for this year. I thought I would celebrate a holiday that is close to my heart. ASL or American Sign Language is the natural language of the deaf population. It is used by 250,000 to 5000,000 people in the United States and Canada. Numbers vary due to theContinue reading “ASL and high Five Day April 15, 2021”

There is one in every Family April 13, 2021

In a scene at the beginning of the “Lion King”, Zazu the bird is lamenting with Mufasa the lion king about a family member that always spoils special occasions. That person in my family was my Great Aunt Pearl. She was a widow most of the time I knew her. With no children of herContinue reading “There is one in every Family April 13, 2021”

Awkward Moments Day March 18,2012

This date has several celebrations. But I picked awaward moments for it’s universal appeal. I delight in such moments as a teaching tool for the blind to enlighten the visual community. You don’t have to be blind to have embarrassing incidents. But they seen to happen to the blind more often. During this time ofContinue reading “Awkward Moments Day March 18,2012”