Spring cleaning, March 31, 2020 125 words

Most of us schedule spring cleaning after a long winter. This year, I have mental spring cleaning for my thoughts . Usually, I will have several thoughts or ideas on my mental burner. Not so any more. I must work to complete a thought or a story. If i don’t finish the article, I runContinue reading “Spring cleaning, March 31, 2020 125 words”

You can’t take it with you. March 19, 2022

Good morning fellow writers. It is great to be in the world and solving problems such as, where did I leave my notes on my poems or what is the subject of the new Spring poem? I find that working with words is harder than practicing thoughts. The good news is , I have slowedContinue reading “You can’t take it with you. March 19, 2022”

Iphone 13 causes a fall. February 22, 2022

Well, it finally happened, my I Phone died. It was slowly going but I helped it along. My blue tooth was disconnecting during use and I had delays launching apps. This didn’t prepare me for no phone service. No problem, right. Just go to the friendly Verizon store for replacements. We found that the phonesContinue reading “Iphone 13 causes a fall. February 22, 2022”

The Joining, February 17,2022

Today is my 30th wedding anniversary. Last week, one of my writing friends wrote a story about her wedding day. My experience was much different than hers. I thought I would share eloping to Las Vegas.I had a large wedding for my first marriage, including the church, bridesmaids, wedding gown and reception. When I wasContinue reading “The Joining, February 17,2022”