Favorite Flavor June 20, 2022 Under 200 words

When I was little, my favorite flavor was chocolate. Being one of five children, I was limited to getting chocolate on holidays and my birthday. Chocolate made me happy. I was born with glaucoma. Twice a year, I had to have an eye exam and my eye pressure checked. The doctor wanted an easy patient,Continue reading “Favorite Flavor June 20, 2022 Under 200 words”


How does a blind gardener locate, plant and maintain a garden space? Depending on your ability and desire for seasonal plants, most people can enjoy fresh produce. I have a small garden space enclosed to prevent animals from gathering the greenery. I plant cucumbers on a trellis so the fruit hangs down and forms longContinue reading “HOW DOES THE GARDEN GROW 6-13-2022 410 WORDS”

Memorial Memories May 30, 2022 363 words

After reading my brother’s memories of past Memorial Day activities, I was reminded of childhood memories from growing up in Northville. Our family participated each year in the parade and service at Rural Hill Cemetery. One year, most of my family was involved in marching. Dad was dressed in his Marine uniform as a colorContinue reading “Memorial Memories May 30, 2022 363 words”

May 23, 2022 rhubarb rubbish pie 420 words

Normally, I am a good pie maker. I look forward to the fresh crops , starting with rhubarb. For those of my readers not from the upper portion of North America, rhubarb is a perennial with large leaves and dark red stems. You harvest the leaf stems by gently pulling the large outside leaf stemsContinue reading “May 23, 2022 rhubarb rubbish pie 420 words”