Jack in a Box, March 27, 2023 762 words

When I was a coed at Eastern Michigan University, a group of my dorm mates selected as a service project, to visit prisoners at the Ypsilanti State Prison. It is classified as a maximum security facility. My dorm was an all girls dorm. Most of the young woman were eighteen to twenty. We had aContinue reading “Jack in a Box, March 27, 2023 762 words”

Pound Dogs, March 20, 2023 455 words

I can’t write about family without mentioning our four legged members of the household.I recall two pets growing up. A large long haired tabby cat named Fluffy. I have a photo of her perched on the side of the bathtub watching as I bathed. Unlike most felines, Fluffy loved to play in water. She wouldContinue reading “Pound Dogs, March 20, 2023 455 words”

“Well Anyways” March 6th, 2023 489 words

My Dad, lived just short of 99 years. In the last months/years of his life, He decided that He couldn’t give up his eating habits. His favorite place to shop for groceries was his local drug store. There he could pick up Better Made potato chips, Breyers Vanilla Ice Cream, peanuts and maple syrup, GoebelContinue reading ““Well Anyways” March 6th, 2023 489 words”

Homeward Bound February 20, 2023 424 words

Most stories have a beginning, a middle and an ending. John came home from the rehab center on Tuesday afternoon. Tired and thin, He stood to give me a large hug.“It’s good not to be tethered.”“What do you mean?”John smiled ,”I tried to leave the floor twice.”I looked at the bracelet on his wrist. ItContinue reading “Homeward Bound February 20, 2023 424 words”

Perspectives, February 13, 2023, 488 words

Going through my email, I am often struck by the minor complaints and worries that bloggers write about. Now as I reflect on the last few weeks and wonder what changes I will see in John as he heals, I am the one who will share.John went through heart surgery to repair his valve, thenContinue reading “Perspectives, February 13, 2023, 488 words”

Butterfingers, February 6, 2023, 541 words

Stress will produce strange reactions in a person’s body. Some people break out in hives. Others have memory lapses. Still others have a meltdown. I have butterfingers.At first I thought my hand was weak from overuse and fatigue. In the past week, I have dropped several items. The first incident occurred drinking my evening tea.Continue reading “Butterfingers, February 6, 2023, 541 words”

Where did all the snow go? January 23, 2023 539 words

Here in western lower peninsula of Michigan, we have had two snow falls of over 20 inches each. In between the snow has melted away. We are accustomed to snow on the ground from January till mid April. Not so this year.In my home town of Northville, The area on the east side of theContinue reading “Where did all the snow go? January 23, 2023 539 words”