October 20, 2020 Technology and an Old Brain

Tech versus an old brainWe live in a wonderful time when there are many assistive devises to help blind people with mobility, identifying, labeling and using computers and smart phones. All this technology can be confusing to an old brain.The other day I was using my smart phone to participate in a blind teleconference. MyContinue reading “October 20, 2020 Technology and an Old Brain”

October 15, 2020White Cane Awareness Day I am sharing a guest post that I wrote last year for the”Handy Uncapped Pen.com” This a personal coming to terms with using a white cane. White cane evolutionI , we have a love\hate relationship with our white canes . When first given a cane to use we reject it.YetContinue reading

Daddy Bruce October 7, 2020 Today would have been my Father’s 101 birthday. He was known by many names. Dad, Bruce, Mr. Turnbull and Mr Northville. But my favorite title was coined by my Brazilian sister Adelia,”Daddy Bruce.” He answered to all of them but his favorite was the use of Dad. He was delightedContinue reading

Slippage October 6, 2020 My husband had a medical issue with a piece of calcium that lodged in his brain after his aorta valve split. This caused issues with his memory. Consequently, he is my eyes and I am his memory. John will ask me if I remember this or know where an item is kept.Continue reading

Meet the Blind Month October 1, 2020 October 15th is white cane day . This is my attempt to entertain and educate my readers while raising awareness of the blind and their canes.Stick WorkI have a habit of referring to my white cane as my stick, using the cane is stick work and people that useContinue reading

Hearing Without Listening September 29,2020 This past weekend, I was at a social event when both of my hearing aid batteries died. To my chagrin , I didn’t have any replacements with me. I was forced to concentrate on the speaker, asking questions and paraphrasing other’s words to understand their meaning.It was hard work but IContinue reading

The Intrigue of Politics September 24 2020In this election year, politics has simmered to a boil. As I listen to the rhetoric on both sides, I try to discern the kernels of truth amount the chaff. I wonder why people run for an office. I have to look at my own family for part ofContinue reading

September 22, 2020 baby Memories Warning Graphic descriptionsLast week, the Extended Turnbull clan welcomed a new baby into the family. Cole William Turnbull weight in over 8 pounds and 22 inches in. length. The eleventh Turnbull of this generation.When I think of a newborn, I recall my own daughter’s birth.I was old for being a firstContinue reading