August 25, 2020 Phantom Vision No I am not talking about Halloween and Tricker Treaters. Or seeing visions where there is nothing. I am talking about what my brain sees with blindness.Even before I was totally blind, I would allow my imagination to look at objects and let my brain come up with the pictureContinue reading

The Bees Knees August 20, 2020 When I was a kid, my Dad use this phrase to discribe something little and cute. When I think of honey bees or bumble bees I have another opinion. I like many people lump bees with other stinging insects and avoid them. Recently, I was visiting an old friendContinue reading

Kids and blind parents August 18 2020

As school is starting, I was remembering my parenting experiences being a low vision parent. Below are some situations that I found myself in. Kids And Blind Parents Parents have challenges raising children. The children are always testing the limits of family rules. The child see what they can get away with and what theContinue reading “Kids and blind parents August 18 2020”

July 30, 2020 A Bundle of joy or a Barrel of Monkeys

Today is my daughters 28th birthday. This week I have thought about the many memories I share with my husband on being parents. We found we were expecting when we were our late 30’s. After testing we knew we were having a girl. My husband named her after the woman that delivered our mail. RuthContinue reading “July 30, 2020 A Bundle of joy or a Barrel of Monkeys”

July 23, 2020 Can we afford The Cure?

Our family doctor recommended both my husband and I get inoculations for pneumonia. We stopped at a local drug store . The pharmacist indicated that we were due for a hepatitis vaccination. We decided to get both. Our out of pocket cost was nothing but when we looked at the bill , the cost wouldContinue reading “July 23, 2020 Can we afford The Cure?”