July 16, 2020 Beauty of the field

In the past month, there have been several news stories about a four acre plot of perennials planted by a farming family as a living memorial to their deceased family members.The field has become a go to sight for it’s natural beauty. Located between a blueberry field and the country cemetery, it calls locals andContinue reading “July 16, 2020 Beauty of the field”

July 14, 2020. Wheat Stacks

Entering a room of a Monet art exhibit, I am surrounded by wheastacks.They differ in amount of light, and season.The effect of using the same outdoor subject to study the minute changes.The 14 pictures gave me a feeling of serenity and calmness.In my poetry, do I give such detail to my subject?Monet painted scenes closeContinue reading “July 14, 2020. Wheat Stacks”

July 2,2020 Can there Ever be Equality?

As we approach the celebration of our nation’s birth, I wonder if equality is an ideal to strive for.The differences between gender and race are highlighted in the news and social media. But what of the subtle discrimination of age, physical and mental issues. As a deaf/ blind woman, I have had many circumstances thatContinue reading “July 2,2020 Can there Ever be Equality?”

June 30 2020 Times will Never be the same

One hundred years ago commercial radio exploded in large cities and surrounding towns. In Detroit othe station WJR started broadcasting in May of 1922. My Grandfather wired and hooked up speakers to bring the miracle of radio to his small town. Friends and neighbors came to witness.Whether this new radio would work in their smallContinue reading “June 30 2020 Times will Never be the same”