Rural versus Urban Islands, July 1, 2021

In 2005, I planned another trip to Hawaii. This time I wanted to visit Molokai and Maui. I researched places to stay on Molokai and found solar tentalows on the beach . Hot water and lights were solar. You had to select the best time to take a shower. You didn’t want to shower theContinue reading “Rural versus Urban Islands, July 1, 2021”

Rainbows and Rainforests June 24, 2021

Last Thursday, I wrote about teaching Hawaiian dance. I took 2 trips to Hawaii to immerse myself in the culture ,history and language of Hawaii. On my first trip we visited the oldest and youngest islands. Kawaii and Hawaii Islands are found on the south and north ends of the Hawaiian archipelago. Our trip hadContinue reading “Rainbows and Rainforests June 24, 2021”

Teaching Dance , June17, 2021

I was reminded this week, of teaching Hawaiian dance to young girls at a dance studio in my town. I had been one of the adult hawaiian dancers. The hulas we preformed were modern and songs that many mainlanders were familiar with. I started to research the old Hawaiian stories and chants and choreographing trationalContinue reading “Teaching Dance , June17, 2021”