Mother’s Day Memories, May 9th 2022

Mother’s Day is full of memories. When I was young, my Mother just wanted a day to take a sunbath after a week of five active kids. My Dad wanted to get her something grand. One year, he brought home a boat for Mother’s day. Mom took one look at the old boat and told him to take it back. She was a poor swimmer and was afraid of the water.

Another Mother’s Day, he brought two twin kittens for the family. Mom refused to allow them into the house. Instead, she had Dad make a pen in the backyard with a shelter for them. They disappeared within a week.

Mom had both sets of grandparents to celebrate the day. No wonder that my mom opted to take some time for herself ,laying in the sun. The doctors had told her to get sun on the large bones in her upper legs to absorb

vitamin D. Later celebrations, had Dad cooking hamburgers and hot dogs while Mom prepared the rest of the cookout food.

I tried to make her something from my craft items. Often if was layered with glue and colorful yarn to hold items for her desk.

Later I discovered how much she loved the memories of those simple gifts.

Cleaning out her drawers after she passed, I found a round tin box that was painted black and had a flower painted on the top. It still held bobby pins fiftty years later.

So this Year, I asked for a flower to plant in my yard and I made a visit to the gravesite of my parents to pray and thank God for them. Happy Belated Mother’s Day.


“Mary, Mother of God, help me”, my mom is heard to say.

Often working into the night to prepare for a celebration.

Taking each child’s needs into account.

Her thoughts are for their needs not hers.

Each day she works to make a pleasant home for the family.

Roses now grow on her grave.

Remembered each year with blossoms of May

May Day, May 2, 2022

I have always felt a lightening of the spirit as the month of May approaches. As a small girl, my Mother allowed me to pick all the violets I could hold. They grew wild on the north side of our garage. picking the blue buds along with yellow dandelions, created a sunny bouquet.

I would take a group of the wild flowers to the statue of Mary displayed outside our church. I would lay my floural offering at the feet of Mary.

My brother Bob and I enjoyed listening to records of Musicals. One of my favorites was Camelot. In the story there is a song called the Lusty Month of May. I didn’t have a clue why it was called that but I enjoyed the antics of Guenivere and the knights of the round table frolicking in the woods picking flowers.

Today I will walk my small woods and pick wild flowers as I did in my youth.

Enjoy your Spring also!

Lylics from the song Lusty Month of May.

Tra la It’s May

The lusty month of May

That darling month when everyone throws self control away.

It’s time to do a wretched thing or two

And try to make each precious day

One you will always rue

The Rites of Spring, April 25, 2022

Spring is a time for cleaning up the outdoor area. Leaves to rake, new mulch around plantings and picking up trash. In Holland Michigan, there is the annual sweeping of the streets.

My husband and I have a area in our neighborhood that we walk daily. This year, we decided to clean up the animal feces along the path to the 5th/6th grade school. It is located near a small wooded,lowland area.

We started with a trash bag and a a hand extension to pick up trash while standing.

We started to walk the short path between the start of the path and the school property. We were surprised to find and gather a full bag of dog leavings.

People were kind enough to bag their pet’s feces but they throw the bag off the path area. The bags that were used were not biodegradable and would not decompose. The good thing about the bags were they were bright, either yellow or bright green. They were easy to spot in the brambles.

Gathering the bags seemed like a weird Easter hunt.

I thought about the training that Guide dogs and their owners go through to learn how to pick up their dog’s feces. A guide dog is trained to void on gravel or a sand space. They will go on command and wait for their owner to praise them while they locate and clean up.

Perhaps other pet owners could learn to clean up after their pets.

As for my husband and myself, we will continue to walk and take a trash bag along on our walks.

Nature’s cleanup

there are leavings from wild animals.

deer leave small hard balls , birds void in flight.

only pet owners bag and toss their animals feces.

Out of sight, out of mind.

Easter Memories

After a break for medical issues, I have decided to post once a week. This post is a combiniation of thoughts about Easter memories.

The story of the origin of the Easter rabbit is from Germany. A clothed rabbit, dressed as a judge, passed judgement on tthe children to see if they would receive treats.

In our family, we received our treats in the same baskets each year. The plastic toys were included as filler with the exception of a tin chick that you could wind up and watch it peck it’s way across the floor.

The marshmallow chocolate bunnies were my favorite.

One year, I received a blow up rabbit holding my basket. Waking up in the dim light of morning, I saw a tall figure at the foot of my bed. He was standing on a chair and looked imposing .

I hid in my covers and didn’t come out until I had enough light and my glasses to see the bunny. I had to pose with that blow up toy for the Easter photos.

Now I don’t eat the Easter treats. My basket is long gone but I still have the memories of that little tin chick.

I watched little boys and girls arrive to church with new Easter toys.

They may hold a bunny or hug a chick.

I smile, remembering a toy peep that was once found in my basket.

Seeing the smiles and joy on their faces is well worth the long service. Happy Easter blessings

Spring cleaning, March 31, 2020 125 words

Most of us schedule spring cleaning after a long winter. This year, I have mental spring cleaning for my thoughts .

Usually, I will have several thoughts or ideas on my mental burner. Not so any more. I must work to complete a thought or a story. If i don’t finish the article, I run the risk of losing the whole story.

The time I decide to write has a bearing on whether the story makes sense. I do my best writing in the early morning.

Yesterday I tried to write to my cousin. I couldn’t form a greeting, much less write a short note.

It is simular to running out of virtual gas. I have to put the pen down and relax.

When the number of spelling errors increase, It is a signal to stop.

I try to limit the time I spend writing. This is the worst writer’s block I have ever had.

Wishing all my writing friends creative writing and no blocks.


You can’t take it with you. March 19, 2022

Good morning fellow writers. It is great to be in the world and solving problems such as, where did I leave my notes on my poems

or what is the subject of the new Spring poem?

I find that working with words is harder than practicing thoughts. The good news is , I have slowed down in my typing to catch some of the errors.

Today, the weather is cloudy and rain is expected. I feel the light breeze caressing the hairs on the back of my neck. Hearing the spring bird courting melodies interweaving to awaken spring.

I struggle to think of the season while new thoughts and connections stream through my memory.

So I will gather my thoughts and string them into a tale.

Iphone 13 causes a fall. February 22, 2022

Well, it finally happened, my I Phone died. It was slowly going but I helped it along. My blue tooth was disconnecting during use and I had delays launching apps. This didn’t prepare me for no phone service.

No problem, right. Just go to the friendly Verizon store for replacements. We found that the phones we had would not be supported after January of 2023. John and I both liked the size of the 6se. We were showned a mini 13 which was close to the size of our old phones.

We had to order them and they would take two days to come.

We went in Friday to get the new phones. Then the fun began.

Thought the salesperson downloaded existing programs into each of our phones. I saw a long learning curve in my future.

First was facial identification. How do you take a picture with just voiceover as a guide? I gave up and used the old password.

The second hurdle was switching to another app. I have to swish several times to close an app. and get to the password page.

Next I had to pair my blue tooth with the new phone. I use a blue tooth devise to talk diredtly to my hearing aids.

After 24 hours, I was able to send and receive calls and messages with my new phone. But I use the phone for much more that that. For one thing, my email was not recieved. Even on the I Pad the emails stopped on Saturday.

We found that many sites that we had used seamlessly for years, had to have double verification to work. Even Bard wanted double verificattion. A real pain when you are blind.

Now to the fall, I was trying to work on my phone and I started to walk it into where I thought my husband was. On my way, there was an open door. I hit the door and fell on my tiled kitchen floor.

Pain in my back alerted me that I had done something stupid. I lay there for a couple of minutes to allow the pain to subside and take time for assessment.

I crawled to the table and hoisted myself into a chair.

Taking a cocuple of Tylenaos, I asked John to drive me to Urgent Care. They were busy with three other falls. My fall was the only one that happen indoors. I was told that I would have bruising and my lumbar was compressed.

Off we went to The Emergency room at the hospital to assess my spine to see if there was a pintching of a nerve.

I was there for 9 hours, then sent home. My nerves seemed fine. After repeating the answers to many medical staff , did I have feeling in my lower body .I reported, yes and I can feel my urine on my vagina. The nurse turned red but the doctor was nonplussed and muttered good.

I awoke with an upset stomach and have to rest as much a possible.

So forgive me if my emails and calls ar a little slow. I am healing.




I think I’m a youngster,

until I take a tumble.

My whole body aches.

and I feel helpless

in this aging body of mine.

copyright 2/22 22

The Joining, February 17,2022

Today is my 30th wedding anniversary. Last week, one of my writing friends wrote a story about her wedding day. My experience was much different than hers. I thought I would share eloping to Las Vegas.I had a large wedding for my first marriage, including the church, bridesmaids, wedding gown and reception. When I was asked a second time, I wanted just a small gathering of immediate family. My family had different ideas.My parents were scheduled to rent a place in Florida. My Mother informed us to get married before they returned. John’s Mother didn’t need to travel to Vegas to see us married.Anger boiled in me ,” Does no one want to attend?”John wisely made plans with a website, Weddings are us , where he designed a ceremony just for us.We booked a room at the Excalibur resort. He said that the ceremony location would be a surprise.At the last minute, my brother Brian joined us at the Detroit airport. He was flying out a day early with a stop over in Vegas to see his sister wed.We picked up a rental car and went to dress for the wedding.I had bough a knee length chiffon dress in apricot. John had a peach colored shirt. We drove to city hall where there were cattle fences for the large number of couples getting marriage licenses on Valentines Day. We were the only couple there getting a license and hurried to the chapel. It was a white clapboard little church. It was named Graceland. It had nothing in common with Elvis except bearing the same name as his beloved home.Inside, there were two men watching a college basketball game on television. One of the men arose to see if our papers were in order. He was the manager of the little chapel. The second man was a tall black Pentecostal minister. This the wedding coordinator picked when I said I wanted a religious minister.My brother served as witness, and photographer. We joined the minister in the front of the tiny altar. There we had a long reading from the book of Ruth. I stifled a giggle because I was carrying a little Ruth in my belly.We exchanged rings and after one last attempt to extract some extra funds by offering a faux leather folder to hold our marriage certificate. We went outside to have Brian take some more photos.We all returned to the hotel where Brian asked us to take him back to the airport in the morning.Neither John nor I couldn’t sleep. We got dressed and wandered down to the casino. There was not a soul except cleaning people but the slots were humming and ringing bells as if the ghosts of the evening past were still pulling handles and losing.We walked up and down the strip and found a early breakfast place before the sun rose. Back to the hotel, we checked out and dropped my brother off at the airport for his flight to L.A.We were packed and ready for our honeymoon. What was our destination? Death Valley, “how appropriate,” I thought.



Simple Giftswarming cold feet on a winter’s nightsmelling fresh bread baking in the ovenHolding hands and cuddling on the couchGood conversation and the gift of laughter as we age these are the simple gifts of love and marriag

Happy B Day Susan, February 15, 2022

Today is the birthday of Susan B. Anthony, abolitionist and suffragette. She was born into a Quaker family in 1820 in Adams Massachusetts. From an early age, Susan distributed anti slavery pamphlets and collected petitions for equal rights for all freemen and slaves.

After the civil war , she turned her enegries to work tirelessly on the behalf of women’s rights.

In 1856 she became the chairperson for the anti slavery society in New York.

Ms. Anthony and her three siblings continued to form rallies to promote rights of all people.

Susan was arrested once for disturbing the peace and fined 100 dollars. It is difficult to believe that this diminutive person, was a power house of a speaker.

Once she was asked, what the B stood for in her name. She replied, “I had an uncle named Brown but I adapted the Initial to have my name stand out.”

Susan B. Anthony continued to work towards womens right to vote up to her death in 1906. Her leadership paved the way for the adoption of the 19th Amendment in 1920.

As I wonder about this historic figure, recall the inequalities that are still present in our society today. The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 is still being challenged in the courts and workplace.

Equal rights for LGTB, mentally ill and and those people living in poverty continue to be marginalized. Different ethnic groups are targeted for hate crimes.

Then I think that Ms. Anthony took the long view of change working with one person or group at a time. Like Susan B. Anthony, we may not see the results of our efforts, but we must commit ourselves to change and support others in our world…one person at a time.



Susan B. Anthony

Strong in spirit

Underestimated by others

Said her mind

Abolitionist from an early age

Named the anti slavery representive for NY state

B was the intial she adopted onto her name

Always willing to speak at rallies

Never too tired to engage others

Told time and again to keep her place

Her rally cry was equality for all

Only if we could be so determined

National events still split us

Your spirit is needed to guide us today

copyright 2/15/22