A Spicy Kind of Dessert

When I was first married I found that my new husband loved pie. I didn’t  have much experience with pie making but I figured I could follow a recipe

I got out the old Betty Crocker cook book and looked up desserts. I found a recipe for apple pie. I carefully measured the ingredients for the pie crust and the pie filling. I mixed, rolled, and fitted the pie crust into the baking pan. I mixed the sliced apples with sugar, flour, butter, and spices. I poured the whole mix into the crust and put into the oven to bake.

After the timer went off I removed a beautiful looking pie. I didn’t want to ruin the look of the pie so I didn’t  try it.

When my husband came home he was greeted with the smells and the appearance of a perfect pie. He got a glass of milk and cut a big slice of the apple pie.

He took a large bite with his fork and started to chew. His eyes grew large and he was nearly unable to swallow the pie. After a large drink of milk he asked what spice I had put in the apples. I replied cinnamon . He asked to see the bottle. I rummaged in the cabinet and pulled out the container. My husband read the label and started to laugh.

I wanted to know what was so funny. After wiping his eyes he told me that I had used red cayenne pepper instead. To make matters worst. I had doubled the cinnamon amount thinking it would be Spicy. 

 My husband tried to finished the piece but the heat of the spice was too much. The pie was thrown out in the compost. To be honest no critter attempted to eat the pie. We finally had to bury the pie..

Ever since then I have put markers on my spices and have my husband check what I am putting my desserts. I have made errors over the years but I have not made such a Spicy pie again.

First printed in June 2019 – The Blind Perspective

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