March 26 Shelter In Place

Shelter in place

Regulations tighten to trips to the pharmacy, grocery store and medical care. Walks and bike riding are permitted if social distance is kept.

My husband and I went out for a tandem ride yesterday. The park was full of families biking, walking and roller blading. Most waved or smiled at our greeting. But there were some that didn’t respond or smile.

How much effort does it take to smile or nod as a response to another? As a blind person, I would prefer a verbal response, but my husband will describe the reactions.

I am planting a virtual garden of good thoughts and wishes for all I encounter today. I will encourage the smallest buds to swell and bloom. Knowing that patience is a necessary tool in the growing process, I will nurture each plantings. Weeding out negative feelings, I fertilize with encouragement . Water with human kindness and await the results.

Start your garden now. The seeds are in your hands. With a little toil and care, you will be blessed with your handiwork and make this time easier for others.

Shelter in place

We are to shelter in place.

What if that place is under an overpass ?

Or a homeless shelter?

What if your shelter has no electricity or running water?

What if you live alone and can’t get to a store?

While we bemoan the shortages ,

others lack necessities ?

Look outside of yourself,

to make your corner of the world better for all.

2 thoughts on “March 26 Shelter In Place

  1. Hi, Carol–Another impressive blog which is so important and needed at this extraordinary time!  If not a prayer, your writings are a path which I appreciate.

    Looking forward to your next post–Alice and Willow


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