May 21 2020

Sleep is important .Wake up

  I know that hospitals run on a 24 hour schedule  I do not .When I am told that the staff is finished for the night I believe what I am told.

  I slip into sleepwear and package the hearing aids for the night. I sleep deeply and am startled several times a night performing certain tasks . I have to point to the ears and wake up while I put in the hearing aids. I am not disturbed with vitals and shots but yesterday, I was startled with a head close to mine she said that I had stopped breathing and was holding an inhale it scared me and i couldn’t get to sleep afterwards.

  I still have to tell staff, even blind , I can be startled .

  Lord lay me down to sleep

don’t disturb me in the nest

if you call I won’t reply

hearin aids are packed away

allow sleep to heal and cure

I will call you for the rest.

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