June 11, 2020 What does a blind person put on their screensaver?

I was asked what does a blind person put on their screen saver? I had to think about this. My latest one is a picture of my two year old niece wearing a poncho that I knitted for her.. I have pictures of my fiber art work and photos of my brother, Mike and my father Bruce after they passed. I usually want to share a photo so that is the quickest way to share a photo or memory.Another question I am asked is “What is on your playlist”” I have songs from Laura Nyro and other eclectic songs that I love to sing along with. I chose those that raise my spirit or make me laugh.Finally, I have been asked,”Do you dream with sight?” It depends on what I am dreaming about. If it is something that I have seen in the past, I will see it in my dreams. I often combine the use of a cane and braille in these dreams to to remind me that I am blind. I will use the white cane but I will see what I am doing.I find people’s questions preferable to their wondering. I love the questions from the young the best. One little boy wanted to know if he took my cookie, would I notice , I leaned close to him and whispered,”Try it and see!”The world is opening up restaurants are serving with social distanceing, hair salons and barbers are trimming, libraries will be starting curbside service. I will be choosey in what I do and where I go. The virus is still in the population, just hidden.CoronaComes like a thief in the nightOther people don’t think it will happen to themReality says that anyone can have itOnly a test will tell you for sureNose swab and an hour laterAll is well at that time and moment

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