Daddies are a girls best friend

I was blessed with two grandpas as well as my Dad growing up. Grandpa Al was a tease and loved to recite and sing. He would pay me a dime to entertain the men in his barber shop. The custermers would make suggestions and clap after my rendition.This was my first taste of applause.Grandpa Cliff was a quieter man. He would smile at me when I visited the Northville Electric Shop. He would give me all the 45s demos for my record collection. Many of them were in the colors of the rainbow. When I started to weave potholders, Grandpa made room on his store shelf for them. I think he bought most of them to attached to sold stoves.My Dad had his hands full with four boys and one girl. He took the time with each of us to help us feel special and loved. When he was watching sports, I would wiggle between his legs and lean back against the seat. He would laugh and massage my ears. I would play his favorite songs on the piano. He would come and sit next to meas we sang,”Nearer My God to Thee “ or “ You take the High Road” One of my favorite memories was watching for Dad and the boys walking home from church. They moved in tight two by two formation. I would tell my Mom to start the pancakes. Their favorite was blueberry pancakes.I have seen each of my brothers grow and become Fathers. In their parenting, there are parts of the Dad’s that have gone before as well as their own special Dad’s abilities.So, here’s to the Father’s in my life and yours.Happy Father’sDay!I watch you gather a crying child.To hoist them onto your shoulders.
When there is a dispute, you calmly
sort out the problem .You play all the silly games because the children love them.
at the end of the day, you will read just one more story ,”Please Daddy.”Memories of your actions will outlive you.

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