Living In The Present February 23, 2021

“Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery. But today is a gift. That is why we call it the present.” Quote by Helen Keller My day starts with a cup of coffee in bed, talking with John. Whoever is up first, starts the brewing, and bring two mugs to the bedroom.We have shared this privateContinue reading “Living In The Present February 23, 2021”

Two will be as One February 18,2021

Yesterday was our anniversary . Many couples have stories of their weeding day but how many couples fly to Las Vegas to have the nuptials performed? The story begins with John and myself finding we were pregnant at age 36. All my friends at that age were taking fertility drugs to induce pregnancy. I thoughtContinue reading “Two will be as One February 18,2021”

Ashes to Ashes February 16, 2021

Today is known as Shrove Tuesday or the day before Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent. There are different practices surrounding Shrove Tuesday. Many ethnic groups take the day to clean out the sweets and fat from the home. My husband’s Polish family made Panczka’s, a fried twisted bread that is covered with powder sugar.Continue reading “Ashes to Ashes February 16, 2021”

The mirror to the soul February 9,2021

I was reading a article in the Blind Perspective by Alice Massa about rules for giving a good speech. She made the point that even blind individuals must practice eye contact or imagine the audience and speak to them. As a speech pathologist , I would work with low vision and blind individuals to haveContinue reading “The mirror to the soul February 9,2021”

Groundhog Day February 2, 2021

Since my blog post falls on this strangest of holidays, I decided to delve into the history of this celebration. The holiday had it’s origin in Germany in the 1600 century. The date marks the midpoint between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. it was initially the time that bears woke from their hibernationContinue reading “Groundhog Day February 2, 2021”