One In A Million February 25, 2021

Today is my son-in-law’s birthday. Like many things in my life, Chris and I had a rocky start.

Seven and one half years ago, Ruth came home for Christmas. I didn’t know at the time but she was engaged to a young man named Chris. Ruth hoped that we would invite Chris to Christmas dinner. We didn’t know that they planned to marry two days after Christmas.

I found my daughter crying in her bedroom. I tried to tell her to give us some time to adjust to her boyfriend.

Ruth must have thought that we would disrupt her wedding so she and Chris married in a small ceremony at their condo. We were not told of the event.

Ruth and Chris posted the wedding on “Facebook”. My niece saw the post and told her parents, my younger brother Brian and his wife Ann. Brian called me up to wonder why he wasn’t invited to the wedding. I didn’t know what he was talking about.

Eventually, I called Ruth to ask what was going on. She admitted that she was married.

I indicated that I would like to meet this stranger that was my son-in-law. Ruth said, ” I will pick you up on Tuesday after work”. She pulled into the drive and drove us to a Panera Bread resturant. I think that they wanted neutral ground for the meeting.

Ruth and I ordered coffee and made small talk. A tall handsome man approached our table and smiling, kissed my daughter.

I put out my hand ,”This must be Chris”. He looked as nervous as I felt.

I don’t recall what we discussed, but by the conclusion of the evening, I remarked to Ruth, “I can understand why you are in love with him”.

During the evening I witnessed love and caring by the young couple for each other.

I gave my hurt feelings to God and decided to give them the chance they deserved.

It has now been over seven years and I still see a couple that shows affection and care for each other. They have weathered heart surgery, foot surgery, job losses and several house changes. Through all the highs and lows, Chris continues to love and support Ruth in her ambitions. She went back to college and pursued her doctorate and is finishing her dissertation. Through the long hours and time of seperation, Chris is Ruth’s number one cheering and support team.

Chris has called my husband and I Mom and Dad, this endears him to me. I have grown to love this tall man in my daughter’s life.

I have learned to forgive and look forward to many years with this addition to our family.

Happy Birthday Son!



Tall as the trees

A straight arrow

A smile that melts hearts

He looks into my eyes

With hopeI shed my fear

To give this love a chance.

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