My Number is up, March 2, 2021

I have never been in the draft, nor won in the lottery. But I felt elated and surprized last Friday when I received the call. “We have open appointments for today from 12 to 4. what time would you perfer?”

My name finally came for the vaccination for the Carona virus. Now , how would I get there? The call came at 10 am. Two hours before the first appointment. If I had to call for a ride, it would leave me little time to get there.

The vaccine center was 9 miles away. It was in the pharmacy area of a larger food store that I was not familiar with.

I was fortunate that my husband had no other scheduled errands that afternoon.

We arrived fifteen minutes before the appointment time. We were herded to a line for the first check in. I was asked my name , birthdate and that information was checked with the list of registered recipients. Then we were ushered to another area to check the number of vaccines to be given.I was asked to answer a questionnaire similar to the one to register initially. A third station checked my I.D. and requested a insurance card and the last 4 digits of my social security munber. I guess that was for billing purposes.

Finally, I was faced with the person that would administer the shot. The shot was quick with a very small needle. Finally, I was directed to sit in a waiting area to check for reactions from the vaccine.

Through the whole procedure, I had no clue where I should go or what to do. The areas were vibrating with voices and echos. Even when I increased the volume of my hearing aids, I could hear only a portion of the questions posed to me. At each station, social distancing prevented me from asking others for information. I was alone in a crowd.

Before I left, I had an appointment for my second vaccination. Without the assistance of my husband I would have been lost. If you make an appointment in the future, be sure to request an assistance to walk with you through the area and mark your questionnaire for you. Be prepared even if that means deferring the vaccine for a week until you have talked to a person and secured a guide to help, discribe and guide you through the experience.

As to reations, I had a sore arm for 24 hours. It was similar to reactions from other vaccinations. A little preparation will ease your vaccination and help you and workers know what you need and don’t need.



A Little Poke

So much to do, before you’re called.

waiting, wanting to know what is going on.

Finally, you are in the crowd, herded,like cattle.

You reach the seat for the shot. And

a little poke and you are sent away.

Carol Farnsworth

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