What we say, how we say it March 4, 2021

Today is National Grammer Day. It was established in 2008 by Martha Brockenbrook , a school teacher sought to promote good grammer in her student’s speech and writing. The day was Nationalized by President George W. Bush .

What is language without the rules of grammer. They are the framework for understanding each other’s words and writings.

Many of us have cringed when a grammer rule is bent or broken. But what can we do to help?

I find filler words in conversations hard to listen to. When I hear a string of fillers, I know that the speaker is uncomfortable with silent pauses and must keep the speech stream continuing. Examples of fillers are,”and um”, “you know”, “like”,”er”, “right and “ok”. When I an having a conversation with an individual that has the habit of using fillers, I wait until they finish their thought. Then I will repeat the information with the question, “I believe that you said …” Using the information minus the filler words under the guise of accurate information will give a concise example . Asking for clarification takes the stress from the speaker. They may find that hearing a sentence without fillers gives clear communicaton.

Today, I will strive to use good grammer in my writing and speech. By using the building blocks of grammer to bolster theunderstanding of language.

I will be the example of good grammer in my home, community and world. One article or conversation at a time.



Wayward Pronoun

Who is on second?

Has he left the bag?

I think of him as a stealer.

No! he is going for third.

A throw towards him missed

His speed saved himself from the tag.

I hope he stays there.

He is inching the base

Playing dare with the others.

A ball goes over his head..

He goes past third towards home

Wow, slide! He can’t believe himself.

He is safe.

Copyright 2021

Carol Farnsworth

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