Is Really Spring? March 9, 2021

Today is a day of firsts. We had the first tandem ride of the season. The ten mile trip to the library and back was delightful. This is also the first anniversary of this blog. I hope you have enjoyed the road. In the coming weeks, there will be some changes to the look and feel of this welcoming space.

Here in the upper Mid-west the increased hours of sun in the day signal that we are starting spring. The ground is covered with a chilly blanket of snow. The water is starting to drip down gutters, driveways and roads.

I look outside straining to see any touch of green in the unbroken white.

The pointed leaves of lenten rose poke through the winter cover to reach the warming sunlight. They will soon blossen even before the last of the snow is gone.

I search the areas where tiny crean snowdrops raise their blosoming heads above the snow.

When the white cover has melted to a brown and grey hue, I look forward to crocuses in Easter colors circling the trunk of the red maple with thickening buds.

Garlic, rhubarb and asparagus shoots will soon follow.

Before you know it, Spring is in full bloom.



Sun warming

snowdrops on the hill

herald spring

Carol Farnsworth

copyright 3/9/21

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