Pi Anyone? March 11,2021

This Sunday is National Pi Day. My daughter, Ruth a mathematician, has celebrated ths day since she was in high school. She and her friends purchased shirts with the Pi symbol. The shirts had a catchy slogan such as, “Share some Pi with me,” or “There is more than enough Pi to go around.”

Pi helped her to have a ship board romance. We were on a cruise to Alaska. Ruth, a 17 year old was too old to be in the teen group. One morning, she was in the ship’s shop and wearing her Pi shirt. A young man approached her remarking,”I like your shirt!” They struck up a conversation and aggreed to meet in the game room later.

The young man was traveling with his family and a year older than Ruth. There was a miscommunation and they didn’t meet later that day. We encouraged her to call his cabin. Returnng from dinner, Ruth found a return message on our cabin’s phone.

“If you want to try to meet again, I guess we could meet at the game room sometime…” Our daughter was crushed. My husband took the phone to disconnect. Instead, he listened and a smile formed on his lips.

“Sunshine, you better listen to the rest of this message.” After the young man was done, you can hear his sister lambasting him with comments,”That is no way to ask for a date.” Call her again and ask to meet now.” You and I could have dates for the show this evening.”

Soon, Jeff and Ruth were hanging around together with his sister and her date. She enjoyed the rest of the ship board time.

So with the idea that Pi can bring people together, I have a gift of a Pi poem for your enjoyment. Each line has the number of syllables that are in the progression of Pi’s string . The blank line is the zero. Enjoy sharing Pie.



A tasty Pi Poem

A tasty Pi Poem

Apple pie


in the oven


of sesame oil,

ingredients are, mixed ball is formed,

rolled thin,

in between waxed papers

lifted carefully to

the pie pan.

Fingers push air out,

to form a seal around the pan.

apples are sliced, sugared, and ready,

poured into the pastry pan

awaiting for a pastry crust cover

roll the dough

till thin

peel paper

lift carefully to cover the pie

dot with butter

flute the edge of the crust

to seal

sugar mixture thickens

with cooked apples

cut top holes

for steam vents

bubbling and browning will start,

through the vents

of crust

aroma fills the kitchen

soon its time to open and remove

the bubbling pie

it tempts….

but please wait until it is cool!

Carol Farnsworth


copyright 3-11-21

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