Pocket Poem Day April 29, 2021

Today celebrates the ending of National Poetry Month. This is a day to select a poem that speaks to you and put it in your wallet or purse to have with you.

A poem like a bit of scripture readings has been carried by service men and women when going into battle. The poem gives comfort and hope to read it another day.

In my nother’s purse were several holy cards. They had a picture of religious art on one side and a prayer or scripture reading on the reverse. I can imagine my Mom taking out one of the cards while waiting at a doctor’s office to stay calm.

Activities suggested for this day include giving a pocket poem to a family member or friend. The poem can be original or from a famous poet.

Another way to spread poems is to take a piece of chalk and write a short poem or quote on your driveway or sidewalk. It will be interesting how many people pause to read the poem.

If you eat at a restaurant today, think of a poem about the food served or the friendly server, place the poem along with the tip. Be sure the poem will make your server smile.

Finally, If you are brave, you can give out copies of an original poem you wrote. It can be about your community or neighborhood. The point is to share poems and encourage others to read and write poems.

As Emily Dickinson Said,”one of my secret instructions to myself as a poet is whatever you write, don’t be boring.” I would add be sincere and have fun.



I examples of pocket poems.

I have a little poem

a bouquet of words, just for you,

laying them in your arms.

In my secret word garden

I grow blossems of feelings for you,

to decorate our home

the squirrel looks inside

at the people sitting around the dinner table

Hey…what about me?


copyright 4/29/21

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