Global Accessibility Awareness Day May 20, 2021

Today is the tenth anniversary of bringing digital accessibility as an important factor in good web design. Worldwide there are more than 1 billion people that have a visual, hearing , physical or cognitive challenges affecting their ability to use the internet.

When a webpage is designed with accessibility in mind, the changes also enhance the ability for all people to easiliy navigate web pages. Some issues to consider when evaluating web pages are following.

Low vision and blind individuals use voice over or a braille display to interact with web pages. They use a keyboard to launch commands not a mouse to scroll throught the links. A website should have more than color to denote buttons and links. If graphics or pictures are used, there should be a written discription of the graphic.

With hearing impaired persons, closed captions or transcripts should be include for any video elements. The captions should be in sync with the displayed video.

Physically challenged individuals may have devices that use alternate movements to scroll through pages and select links. They may need voice commands to navigate the web with Seri or other personal assistant devices.

Keeping your web page clean and uncluttered will help persons with cognitive issues. Empty links and buttons should be eliminated for easier scrolling.

It takes a short time to check your webpage for accessability but we will all benefit .

over 40% of individuals over the age of 65 have one or more accessibility challenges. Making your webpage more accessibile will open it to a larger number of consumers. People will return to sites that are easy to navigate.

For futher information




All people want to use the internet.

Citing issues with access.

Challenges even able bodied individuals.

Each group has different issues

Some need clean fonts

Some auditory cues.

Individuals desire access

But web designers put in bells and flashing lights.

In the body of page to catch attention.

Leaving some to miss important information.

In web design, access is good business.

Taking the time to allow all to use the site,

Yields many more consumers copyright 5/20/21

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