Summer Solstice, June 22, 2021

Today, in the northern hemisphere, we mark the day as the start of summer. In ancient times, this was considered mid-summer. The day may not always be the longest for daylight, due to the location of the observer.

The sun is at it’s highest point, about 22 % above the earth.

Looking at my weather, it is not looking like summer. The temperature is in the low 60’s with clouds and showers. The windchimes are dancing with a north west breeze. Not a day to celebrate outdoors.

The 22nd of June is also National rainforest day. In our country, there are two rainforest areas. The coast of Washington State is a temperate rain forest. A rain forest is a forest that receives a large amount of yearly rain. The coastal rain forest usually runs from Northern California to British Colombia. Temperate rain forests are found in Chili, New Zealand and Norway.

The island of Kawaii has the only tropical rainforest in the U.S..

On this day, we are encouraged to raise awareness of the role rainforests play in our ecosystem. Donating to organizations working to prevent rainforest destruction while preserving these areas is up to all of us.

Recently, Brazil has initiated preserving large sections of rainforest in the Amazon area.

What will we as a country choose to do?




Rain has decreased

Allowing burning to clear land.

Indigenous loss of flora and fauna.

Never to be seen again.

Forlorn tracks of land.

Open to erosion.

Still we can work to safe it.

Real solutions need commitment.

Easy to say, hard to do.

Seeing the devastation

Time to act was yesterday.

copyright June 22, 2021

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