Boys Will Be Boys, July 8, 2021

I was talking to my brother Bob this week when I realized I hadn’t related a story about my brothers. So here is a true story from my memory archives.

When I was young, I had limited vision. I was fitted with thick glasses to help with my distance sight. My parents were always telling my brothers, “Watch for the girl”, or”Be careful of Carol”. Little did my parents know that they would take this to heart.

One summer day, I was walking home from my friend’s house. The neighborhood bully ran up behind me and pushed me down. My glasses went flying. Being made of glass, they broke. As the bully ran off, I slowly got up and found my broken glasses.

My family wasn’t rich and those glasses cost over $100. As I entered my home, my mom was setting the table for dinner. Dad saw my scrapped knees and the glasses and he asked what happened. “I am going down to talk to Dutch about his son”. “Don’t be too long, it’s close to dinner time” mom said , stating to hand out plates of food . We all waited at the table for Dad to say grace.

In a few minutes, dad stormed into the front door and called to my mother. “Rita, do you know what Dutch said after I explained what his son had done?
He replied,”Boys will be boys”. Dad had a few choice words about Dutch before mom calmed him down ,”The family is waiting for dinner”.

What my parents didn’t know , my older brothers were listening to every word. Nothing was said at the meal but the boys formed a plan.

A couple of days later, the bully was pulling the trash cans out to the curb. My brothers stopped him and demanded an apology. He refused and started back to his home.

I don’t know if was planned but the bully was lifted up and placed upside down in his trash can. Then the brothers scattered.

fifteen minutes later, Dutch came roaring around the corner. He found my dad cutting the grass. “Do you know what your boys did to my son”? He continued, “They put him upside down in the trash can”.” What do you have to say about that”!

Dad calmly listened, when Dutch was finished he commented,”Well, boys will be boys”.

I am sure that my brothers were punished but I was never bothered by that bully again. Thank you Bob, Mike and Craig.



He terrorized the neighborhood.

picking young kids as easy marks.

He didn’t listen to the rules.

His father was the principal of the school

One day, he picked on the wrong person

She had her own bodyguards.

They took their job seriously. In a trash can, he was placed.

copyright 7/8/2021

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