Give Something Away Day, July 15, 2021

Last Sunday, our priest, Father Len, was talking about downsizing for retirement. He was going through his possessions to give some of them away. Today is National Give away something day. You can go through your closet, tools or books to see if there are gently used items to donate to a resale shop.

If you have old blankets or worn towels, the Humane Shelters will take them to bathe animals and use them to sleep on. Old stuffed toys can be donated after any hard plastic pieces such as eyes and noses have been removed. The toy can be cuddled with by cats and dogs.

If you have household items that you haven’t used in over a year, consider parting with them . They could be used by someone else. The rule of donating is, if you can’t give it to a relative or friend, dispose of it in your junk.

As a visually challenged person, I try to keep unused items to a mimimum. I don’t need to trip over unused clutter.

Another way you can give is with the gift of time or talent. Do you have a friend or neighbor that could use a friendly chat? Call or visit them. Take a food item, either homemade or store bought.

Look over your food storage of boxes and cans. Will you use them before they expire? Donate them to a local food bank. If you can, donate your time to the same food bank.

If you knit or crochet, make baby blankets or hats and booties and donate to a pregnancy resource center or hospital.

Finally, you could donate money. A quote from Hello Dolly,”Money is like manure, it works best when spread around to encourage young things to grow”. Go buy that lemonade from the child next door. Give to a homeless person to buy a meal. Or better yet, buy the meal and give it to them.

What can you do today to help another person and make the world a kinder place.




Buy a cup of coffee for the person behind you.

Will you allow the person with several items go first in the store.

Do you need three winter coats?

How many pots and pans does a single person need?

Call a neighbor to chat.

take old blankets and towels to a animal shelter.

Give freely of yourself and your

treasure to others.

Happy Give something away day.

copyright 7/15/2021

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