“Let them eat cake” July 22, 2021

Before the French Revolution, Marie Antoinette was quoted saying to feed the poor with cake. Her limited grasp of French, may have allower her use the wrong word, cake for bread.

As a child, my first introduction to French was the confection,”petit fours”. They are small layered cakes one to two inches square. A cream filling is layered between the cake. There are five to seven layers in each little cake. The whole square is covered with a hard candy frosting with a sugar decoration on top. They come in many colors and flavors.

My mother would receive a box of these treats each Christmas from a good friend in town. She and I had a game of hide and seek with the box. Mom would try hiding the box in the back of the junk drawer. I would find them. Then she tried to put them in the vegtable bin of the refrigerator. I would find them there. Finally , she placed them in the far back of the freezer. I found them again.

It was not just me. Two of my friends also had a craving for these miniture cakes. When we searched and found them, we were careful to take a cake from different parts of the box. If there were not many cakes, we moved the cakes around to make it appear there were more in the box.

This holiday search, was remembered fondly by my two friends. One holiday after I was married, Laurel sent me a box of my own. My daughter had never heard the story nor tasted the candies . She has always enjoyed miniature items. She loved the little cakes.

This year , we decided to send her a box of her own for her birthday. Amazon had several types of petit fours to choose from. We select the cakes that spelled out “Happy Birthday”. The problem arose when we tried to type in the mailing address.

Our daughter and son in law have recently built a home in a new development. The system that Amazon uses doesn’t recognize the new road or address. They wanted to change it to a similar road. We couldn’t get the company to take the new address. What to do?

My husband came up with a solution. He Took a screen shot of the item we wanted her to have. Then he made a check out for the item and the cost of mailing. We put it in a birthday card and sent it in the mail. The U.S. Postal service does recognize the new address.

Ruth received the card last Saturday. She said she would order them. They should arrive before her birthday on the 30 of July. Anyone for cake?



Petit Cakes

Little cakes, small cakes

colorful squares,

layered with cream and cake,

different flavors to choose from. Heaven!


copyright 7/22/2021

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