Weather, what you hear or what you see, August 3, 2021

This week I heard from my Brazilian sister Adelia. She lives in San Paulo. She emailed to say, It was snowing in that southern city. It is only the third time she has experienced snow, but never in San Paulo.

As I listen to the national weather report, I get the indication that all of Oregon and California is burning. My friend called me to report that the fire in Oregon was in a national forest and lava field. The loss was to wildlife. Only thirty buildings were lost. The smoke from that fire moved east to mix with the fires in Canada to haze the sky in the mid west and on the east coast.

In northern California and in the San Fransisco bay area. Skys are clear and free of smoke.

Another friend in the San Diego area reported beautiful weather even an early morning thunder storm.

This past week, heavy rains, swelled rivers in Belgium and southern Germany with a high cost of life and property.

The number of hurricanes have increased in number and severity. The season starts earlier each year.

When listening to the news, I have a difficult time telling the truth from news hype. I found that weather items in our country are hyped. Other countries are mentioned quickly or not mentioned at all.

How we make an accurate assessment of climate change, if we are not given the facts? If reporting of the weather is skewed, what about the other stories like the delta variant virus or what is happening in the capitals of our states and countries?

Maybe newspeak is alive in the news to sell drug commercials.



Extreme Weather

The west is burning so reported.

The south is under flood watch.

The mid-west is waiting for straight line winds and thunder storms.

The east coast will continue to be in the smoke haze.

Is there a norm anywhere?

copyright 8/3/2021

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