International Youth Day, August 12, 2021

This day was set aside to highlight cultural and educational issues of the world’s youth. It was established by the United Nations in 1999 and has a new theme each year.

This year the theme is working for peace. There are many events in different countries to promote the activities and achievements of youth.

Locally, my husband and I went to check the county 4H fair near us.

We found youth cleaning barns, caring for farm animals, they would stop to greet visiters and answer questions about the livestock.

The Youth demonstrated skills in preserving food, sewing, woodworking and the ability to knit and sew. Other Youth were exhibiting equestrian skills . The future farmers of America would be proud of each of the skills displayed.

The ability to produce, preserve and distribute food has a direct impact on peace. Hungry people want food, not necessarily peace. Whether they realize it or not, the youth in organizations like 4H, boy and girl scouts and church that work to promote and assist the needy people in their community are an asset. Their example to others show what can be done working together for the better.

So as I watch that small piglet find his mother, or I listen to an explanation of the care of a calf ,or touch the knitted baby blankets that will be donated to a shelter, I am confident in the future, we can hand over the world in good shape.



Clean barns, animals too,

smiling faces, eager to help.

They have the knowledge to provide,

When the old guard steps aside.

copyright 8/12/2021

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