Leaf Memories ,the book August 19, 2021

I would like to tell you about the writing of this book. For the past three years, I have written poetry and submitted them to magazines. Some were accepted, many were not. I learned along the way what some editors wanted for their publications.

In June, I purchased a new writing program called, “Voice Dream Writer.” I haven’t discovered all of the tasks it will preform, but I was able to write sections of the book and more importantly, move poems, photos and text using the outline feature.

The curser was easier to find and move for ease of editing.

With this program, I was able to edit and proofread my book before sending to the book publishers.

I am happy with the resulting chapbook. I have selected two poems from the book to share with you.

Alone with Myself

Morning sun broke over a sparkle filled woods.

Carrying my poles and skis, I searched for a place to sit.

A long fallen trunk offered a purchase.

Jamming my poles into the drift, I slipped on one ski then the other.

I stood with the help of the poles, ready to push off.

The rhythm of the skis gliding made a soft swish in the quiet of the day.

My mind was free to ponder as long trained muscles took up the remembered cadence of moving.

I saw the low hanging branch and swerved to the right.

Snow and ice crackled underfoot as I crested the rise.

Tucking my poles under my arms, I raced down the hill to the pond.

The clear, smooth surface called to me.

I turned away fearing I would break through.

Instead, I rested to let my breathing slow and listen to the sound of my pulse in my ears.

Worried thinking vanished as I joined nature awakening to the sunrise.

I breathed long gulps of chilly air.

Renewed in body, mind and spirit.


Rain distorts the reflection in the pane.

I contemplate my twisted hold on reality.

Memory of the visual world change with age.

reforming like a deck of shuffled cards.

The rain forms tears from heaven.

They water our souls and spirits.

I take a card and see what memory is is on top.

Building a story around the thought.

The fracture is my reality.

Below are two reviews of Leaf Memories with the website where you can find the reveiw and a quote from the reviewer .

Thank you Abbie and Peggy.

Abbies Review


Carol has a knack for drawing readers into her subject matter. I was right there with her and her husband on their tandem bike, as they pedaled furiously to reach safety ahead of an approaching thunderstorm in “With the Wind” and as she cross-country skied down a hill to enjoy the peace of a pond in “Alone with Myself.” After reading “Beauty in the Field,” I was angered to think that people, perhaps inadvertently, destroy nature in order to enjoy it.

Peggy review


I enjoyed following Carol Farnsworth, my husband’s sister, through the seasons. She gives close attention to the plant and animal life she encounters near her home in the upper midwest. When I finished the book, I felt pleasantly relaxed, as if I had visited a place of great natural beauty.

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