Sisters September 16, 2021

In my life, I have had many female friends, but only three of them are soul sisters to me.

Cheryll was my first sister friend at age five. We were both the only girls in our families. She and I went to kindergarten together. Though we attended different schools after that year, she was always in the neighborhood as a playmate and friend. We stayed together through high school and I was one of her bridesmaids. After marraige she moved with her husband to the east coast and we lost touch.

My second soul sister was Laurel. She moved to my small town in third grade from Detroit. She was also an only girl with two older brothers. She and I were inseparable as preteens. We pushed the limits of our rules and were in trouble for it. We continued to correspond during college. When Laurel graduated from U of M law school, she moved to California with her boyfriend from law school.

The third soul sister was a exchange student from Brazil. Adelia was of Japanese heritage, but she was born in Brazil. I met her when I was starting college and she was staying in my home town and going to high school. My parents felt Adelia was not being exposed to the beauty and people of our area. She was expected to babysit when not in school. My Mother picked Adelia up on Friday after school and returned her to her foster home on Sunday night or Monday morning. In addition to taking her to church, they visited Niagara Falls, Mackinac Island and Our cottage on Lake Michigan. I visited on the weekends and got to know Adelia. We kept up correspondence for almost 40 years. In that time, I have met Adelia’s Mothern Her husband and even her friend John when she was able to visit here. I have many fond memories of exchanging cards and letters with her and learning of the flowers and cultural of Japan and Brazil.

Times have changed. I have reconnected with all three of my soul sisters with emails and occasional phone calls. I have gained insight from each of these women.

This weekend is Adelia’s birthday. My hope and wish for her is to be happy and healthy in the coming year. I know that Daddy Bruce and Mother Rita are looking down from heaven and wishing her the same.

I hope that Brazilian John found a good source for the pancakes he learned to love while visiting the States.




There are those born into a family that sometimes don’t get along.

Others join religious groups to have community together.

Others march for one cause or another.

But one is lucky if you find a soul sister to grow and share your lives with.

I am blessed by three times over.

To have three such close sisters, not of blood,

but of the heart.

Different origins but connected by place and time.

We touch each other with written words across the miles.

I feel your love.

Happy Birthday Adelia

copyright 9/16/2021

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