Peonies In Winter December 14, 2021

On a cold drizzling day, I listened to this book by Sally Rosenthal. Her poetic memories, take the reader from an English cottage to a small village in Pennsylvania. Along the way we are introduced to Sally’s grandparents, parents and her husband Samual. Her family’s circle was complete with three guide dogs and the seven cats that adopted her.

With a cup of coffee, I listened as Sally shared her losses, grief and endurance.

I felt the underlying joy with rememberences. The scent of peonies sprayed on the wrist, a gift from her deceased husband. The talents contributed to her in her grandparents DNA. The felted ears and furry head nuzzled by her animals made moments of joy, knowing she was loved.

The book helped me to consider loss as a part of living and the lost are not forgotten, but kept alive in these stories.

After reading “Peonies in Winter,” I was left with hope and comfort that love, once experienced, is never diminished.

You can order this book from Amazon as an ebook or as a print edition. All proceeds will be donated to Guiding Eyes for the Blind in Huntington New York.



The Scent of Remembrance

On a warm Spring day, the scent of violets profuse the air.

Mild in small clusters, the field of blue assults my senses.

I am taken back to a little girl,

wanting to bring every flower as a love offering to her Mother.

She is allowed to pick all the violets she wanted.

They will be encouraged to bloom more.

Her gift is accepted and placed in a clean jelly jar.

copyright 12/14/2021

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