Ground Hog Day, February 1, 2022

Do you remember the movie, “Ground Hog Day?” Well, I am sitting in a hospital room awaiting surgery for a broken bone. I have been here three times before. But it is not for me but my husband John.

In early October, we did a fall simular to Arty Johnson a comidian on the show, “Laugh In.” He rode a tricycle and fell on his side. John and I fell off our tandem bike the same way.

When moving slowly and making a sharp turn, the tandem bike’s balence becomes unstable. We made a sharp turn to the left and then had to make a 180 degree turn the other way. We went down on the edge of the road.

I hit my head, cracking my helmet into two pieces. I tucked in my body to have the bike take the blow. I had bruised ribs but no other injuries.

John wasn’t so lucky. He mustt have put his arm out to cushion his fall. He hurt his left arm.

Being a male, He reasoned that he sprained the elbow and it would get better with time. The arm did seem to improve slowly.

During the next two months, John put up and took down Christmas lights, drove and did normal activities. Except for occasional pain and weakness, he had no complaints..

During the Christmas holidays, he noticed that he couldn’t extend his left arm. After two xrays and an MRI, the prognosis was that he broke the end of the radial bone by the elbow. The bone was still broken and would not heal .

So here I am. At the support position for my husband. He was given a nerve blocker and his left arm was dead weight. The surgery will take three hours and some time in recovery, but he should be able to go home tonight.

As for myself, I have located the numbers on this room. It is in braille. The bathroon is across a open hall. I have eyeballed my way my path. If I stick my head or foot out of this room, an aid is at my side. I am sure the staff don’t want to have a blind woman wander around. I can comply with their preferences for awhile.

So I sit here and wait to be the supportive partner.




The arm hangs limp

like a hairy polish sausage.

He is nervous and groggy.

Finally, he is rolled away with his royal court.

I await his royal return.

copyright 2/1/22

One thought on “Ground Hog Day, February 1, 2022

  1. Carol, I hope the surgery for John’s elbow went well and he did get to go home yesterday evening. Hope recovery goes well and swiftly.


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