Two will be One February 10,2022

My brothers will agree with me that our Dad was quite a storyteller. Brian , the youngest brother would add, “and some of his stories were even true!”

The following is from my imagination. Bruce did marry my mother, who was a Catholic. Family lore states that Dad’s family wasn’t happy and threatened not to attend. The rest of the story is a could have happened. Enjoy.

Bruce’s View

Bruce visited his family at breakfast. This was the best time to catch his family together. Clearing his throat as he put down the cup of coffee, he stated, ” I am getting married …to Rita… next Saturday… at the Catholic church.”

His Mother, aunt and sister started to speak at one time. “What is that? You can’t marry a Catholic! I won’t step into a Catholic church!”

“No one in this family will attend!”

Bruce’s Dad quietly stirred his coffee.

Bruce angerly retorted,” Well I am getting married you are invited whether you come or not is your decision!”

He banged his cup of coffee, spilling most of the contents. He rose and left without a goodbye.

The Cup

I sit on the table after Bruce filled me with coffee. He added cream and two spoonfuls of sugar. He stirred my coffee but didn’t drink. He finally took a sip waiting for a pause in the conversation. I was placed on the table while Bruce talked about a wedding and inviting the family. I heard many angry voices of women. I only caught a word here and there. “What…you can’t…in a Catholic church, no one will go!”

Bruce rose quickly spilling my contents on the table. I was picked up and plopped into the dish water. I couldn’t hear what was said then. Later, I asked the large blue cup that Cliff always used what happened.

Cliff continued to stir and drink his coffee until the rest of the family became quiet. Picking me up to put in the dish water, he quietly stated, “The car will be in front of our house an hour before the service, to drive anyone who wants to attend.”

Next Saturday, Bruce was surprized to see his whole family in the front pew of the church.

Happy Valentines Day

copyright 2-10-22

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