Happy B Day Susan, February 15, 2022

Today is the birthday of Susan B. Anthony, abolitionist and suffragette. She was born into a Quaker family in 1820 in Adams Massachusetts. From an early age, Susan distributed anti slavery pamphlets and collected petitions for equal rights for all freemen and slaves.

After the civil war , she turned her enegries to work tirelessly on the behalf of women’s rights.

In 1856 she became the chairperson for the anti slavery society in New York.

Ms. Anthony and her three siblings continued to form rallies to promote rights of all people.

Susan was arrested once for disturbing the peace and fined 100 dollars. It is difficult to believe that this diminutive person, was a power house of a speaker.

Once she was asked, what the B stood for in her name. She replied, “I had an uncle named Brown but I adapted the Initial to have my name stand out.”

Susan B. Anthony continued to work towards womens right to vote up to her death in 1906. Her leadership paved the way for the adoption of the 19th Amendment in 1920.

As I wonder about this historic figure, recall the inequalities that are still present in our society today. The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 is still being challenged in the courts and workplace.

Equal rights for LGTB, mentally ill and and those people living in poverty continue to be marginalized. Different ethnic groups are targeted for hate crimes.

Then I think that Ms. Anthony took the long view of change working with one person or group at a time. Like Susan B. Anthony, we may not see the results of our efforts, but we must commit ourselves to change and support others in our world…one person at a time.



Susan B. Anthony

Strong in spirit

Underestimated by others

Said her mind

Abolitionist from an early age

Named the anti slavery representive for NY state

B was the intial she adopted onto her name

Always willing to speak at rallies

Never too tired to engage others

Told time and again to keep her place

Her rally cry was equality for all

Only if we could be so determined

National events still split us

Your spirit is needed to guide us today


copyright 2/15/22

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