Iphone 13 causes a fall. February 22, 2022

Well, it finally happened, my I Phone died. It was slowly going but I helped it along. My blue tooth was disconnecting during use and I had delays launching apps. This didn’t prepare me for no phone service.

No problem, right. Just go to the friendly Verizon store for replacements. We found that the phones we had would not be supported after January of 2023. John and I both liked the size of the 6se. We were showned a mini 13 which was close to the size of our old phones.

We had to order them and they would take two days to come.

We went in Friday to get the new phones. Then the fun began.

Thought the salesperson downloaded existing programs into each of our phones. I saw a long learning curve in my future.

First was facial identification. How do you take a picture with just voiceover as a guide? I gave up and used the old password.

The second hurdle was switching to another app. I have to swish several times to close an app. and get to the password page.

Next I had to pair my blue tooth with the new phone. I use a blue tooth devise to talk diredtly to my hearing aids.

After 24 hours, I was able to send and receive calls and messages with my new phone. But I use the phone for much more that that. For one thing, my email was not recieved. Even on the I Pad the emails stopped on Saturday.

We found that many sites that we had used seamlessly for years, had to have double verification to work. Even Bard wanted double verificattion. A real pain when you are blind.

Now to the fall, I was trying to work on my phone and I started to walk it into where I thought my husband was. On my way, there was an open door. I hit the door and fell on my tiled kitchen floor.

Pain in my back alerted me that I had done something stupid. I lay there for a couple of minutes to allow the pain to subside and take time for assessment.

I crawled to the table and hoisted myself into a chair.

Taking a cocuple of Tylenaos, I asked John to drive me to Urgent Care. They were busy with three other falls. My fall was the only one that happen indoors. I was told that I would have bruising and my lumbar was compressed.

Off we went to The Emergency room at the hospital to assess my spine to see if there was a pintching of a nerve.

I was there for 9 hours, then sent home. My nerves seemed fine. After repeating the answers to many medical staff , did I have feeling in my lower body .I reported, yes and I can feel my urine on my vagina. The nurse turned red but the doctor was nonplussed and muttered good.

I awoke with an upset stomach and have to rest as much a possible.

So forgive me if my emails and calls ar a little slow. I am healing.




I think I’m a youngster,

until I take a tumble.

My whole body aches.

and I feel helpless

in this aging body of mine.


copyright 2/22 22

4 thoughts on “Iphone 13 causes a fall. February 22, 2022

  1. Hi Carol, sorry about your fall. Hope you’ll truly be ok. In my experience, sometimes back injuries worsen as time goes by. I hope this is not the case for you.
    Good luck with the phone. I bought an SE 20 when I replaced my phone. Casey Mathews, my virtual tech advisor and research assistant, steered me in that direction because I didn’t want to have to deal with not having a home button.
    This phone will update for quite some time and I know someday I’ll have to give into the knewer technology but not until I gotta. LOL.
    Anyhow, great post.


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