Then and now May 16, 2022 350 words

A fellow writer, wrote about the increased noise in our enviorment in his blog. I noted the changes we are using in keeping up our properties. As a youngster,my job after the lawn was cut was to use a hand clipper to trim and cut the long pieces of grass near walls and sidewalks. This was quiet work. Today we use a weedwhacker to trim the offending weeds and grass in a noisy manner. Lawns were cut with a manual reel mower. Today we use a power lawn mower that not only cuts but will bag the clippings for disposal. This adds to the noise pollution.

This week on our evening walk we heard several motors running. It was the sound of snow blowers running to use up the gas. I remember that a snow shovel’s only noise was the occasional grunt of the person using it to lift the snow.

Today the sound changed to power washers cleaning the aluminum or vinyl siding. We used to put a fresh coat of paint on the walls. This didn’t have to be done every year and it did not add to the noise pollution problem.

This is not counting the cutting, pruning and trimming of shrubs and trees to maintain the aesthetics of our yards.

Some of these new tools are electric, but most run with a gas motor and produce noise and pollution.

I long for the rainy day when the loudest sounds are the falling rain and the occasional clap of thunder. i. I have been told that the birds are singing louder to be heard by other birds. How long can we tolerate this assult on out hearing?


Outdoor sounds

I go to the porch for quiet.

The wood chopper is busy making chips.

I move to the back yard for peace.

Instead I perceive a weed whacker trimming the tall weeds.

In the front yard I look for solace only to hear a trio of mowers.

The sounds of nature are drowned by man.

copyright may 16, 2022

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