Memorial Memories May 30, 2022 363 words

After reading my brother’s memories of past Memorial Day activities, I was reminded of childhood memories from growing up in Northville.

Our family participated each year in the parade and service at Rural Hill Cemetery. One year, most of my family was involved in marching. Dad was dressed in his Marine uniform as a color guard for the flags of Michigan and the Stars and Stripes. The high school’s marching band marched and played patriotic songs. My oldest brother played in the band. Two other brothers were marching with their scout troops. Finally, I walked with my brownie troop to both of the town cemetery’s. My Dad would visit the military graves to remember those of the town’s youth that never came home. Each service ended with the playing of Taps . One person played while a second then repeated the song as an answer.

The local dairy, Guernsey, drove their largest refrigerated truck to give out chocolate coated vanilla ice cream bars for all the parade participants.

After marching for over a mile and listening to speeches in the hot sun, we were grateful for the cold treat.

Two other memories of Memorial day, were the year I was selected to carry the flag. I was told to never allow the flag to be below the other flags. The flag and it’s pole grew heavier with each step. A friend and fellow scout took turns to carry the flag with me. Both of us had sorre arms for the rest of that day.

My youngest brother, Brian, was the trumpet player for taps. I don’t remember if he played first or was the reply.

After the parade ,the family would gather at our home for a picnic and cookout. This was the first of many outdoor gatherings.

May this day bring you memories of loved ones that went before us. Gather to give thanks for each of our forefathers and foremothers that gave the ultimate price for freedom.


granite stones

marking loved one’s resting places.

The stones and crosses a shadow of a reminder of the person.

I touch the cool marker with warm memories. 5.30.2022

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