Change of Seasons, August 29, 2022 353 words

This past week the weather was perfect. The sun was warm only in the afternoon. Early mornings and evenings the air cooled into the 60’s. But when the sun goes behind a cloud the hint of fall is in the air.At the feeder, I had fourteen wrens trying to get a bit of seed andContinue reading “Change of Seasons, August 29, 2022 353 words”

Hello? August 22, 2022 541 words

At our disposal, we have many tools to aid in communication. We have I Phones, I pads and computers ,we have come a long way from Alexander Graham Bell’s patent for the telephone. Controversy has surrounded the original invention . Who was the first person to get to the patent office?Bell shares the inventor braggingContinue reading “Hello? August 22, 2022 541 words”

A Froggy Tale August 8 th. 2022 465 words

It was a cool spring morning on froggy pond. Early risers were practicing swimming and distance hopping. Occasionally there was a tussle when two frogs tried to catch the same fly. But all and all, There was harmony in the froggy pond. Until the Toad family moved in.The toad was one in a circle ofContinue reading “A Froggy Tale August 8 th. 2022 465 words”

Lazy Days, August 1st, 2022 422 words

Today is the first day of August. Where did the summer go? The past several weekends, I have had invitations to my family’s reunions. I didn’t travel to my brother’s cottage on the Lake Michigan shoreline, I did visit my husband’s brother, Gene at Brohman MI for a Smolinski family reunion. The family and friendsContinue reading “Lazy Days, August 1st, 2022 422 words”