Change of Seasons, August 29, 2022 353 words

This past week the weather was perfect. The sun was warm only in the afternoon. Early mornings and evenings the air cooled into the 60’s. But when the sun goes behind a cloud the hint of fall is in the air.
At the feeder, I had fourteen wrens trying to get a bit of seed and suet. I imagine, they are gearing up for migration to a warmer climate. I looked up in the canopy of bitter sweet vines to see sparrows, doves and a male cardinal ,waiting their turn at the feeder.

As they waited, 4 large turkeys sauntered through the backyard. Pausing to get a drink from the trough, while the largest one scratched for fallen seeds.
Even the chipmunks and squirrels are gathering food for the season ahead. This morning, one bold squirrel sat in the middle of a flower pot and leisurely devoured every flower bud. Turned his back to me as if to say,”What are you going to do about it ?”
People are changing sports activities from swimming and baseball to football and soccer. In the evenings, there are fewer walkers as families are completing homework.
This season of change is a reminder that we are given a certain number of fall days to use and enjoy. We can gather red pinecones to give to the DNR for future trees or we can ignore nature’s needs.
So put out some Indian corn. Spread a large pinecone with peanut butter and roll in sunflower seeds. Keep the water full for those migrating visitors.


Busy bees gather goldenrod nectar.
Storing honey as food for winter.
Wrens, cranes and geese start their migration south.
They call to others to join the flock’s formation.
Squirrels and chipmunks are gathering seeds and buds to keep them through the winter cold.
Caterpillars form cocoons to emerge from in the spring, reborn.
Deer are fattening themselves on the discards of garden harvests.
A time to gather, to prepare, for another cold bitter winter.
I watch and turn to follow nature’s example.

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