Deer hunting Season, week two, November 21, 2022 548 words

Our weather is perfect for the hunters this year. There is six to eight inches of snow on the ground with more expected. The snow makes it easier to track a wounded deer. Michigan’s Dept. of Natural Resources has reported 150,000 deer have been harvested state wide.
I wish to thank my brothers for comments relating to other hunting stories. I am grateful for their memories.
Bob reported he recalled Grandpa Turnbull had the deer hides tanned for future use. Bob and Craig remembered receiving deer hide gloves ,that were sewn for each boy. I never received gloves, but my mother sewed a purse for me from the last of the hides.
The hides were a soft brown and felt similar to a chamois cloth. I loved to rub my hand over the skin, imagining the beautiful animal it was from.
Both brothers related the last fishing trip Grandpa Heatley and my Dad took. Grandpa was more of a fisherman. He wanted to go fishing later in his life. He and my Dad traveled to the Upper Peninsula to fish. The trip took many hours. By the time they arrived, Grandpa was too stiff and sore to get into the boat. They came home without getting the last chance to fish.
Craig told the story of Dad’s last hunting trip. John’s family owned a farm of 110 acres. He wanted to hunt one more time like his father and father in law. Craig took him to the farm and situated him near a harvested corn field , in a sheltered blind to hunt. Dad was across the road in another field.
Craig saw a deer and fired, he thought he wounded him. When he tracked the deer, the deer was gone. There was some fur but no blood.
Hearing a shot from across the street, Craig saw his excited dad hurrying towards him.
“I got one! Come quick!”
When Craig examined the deer, there was a crease from a bullet on his right shoulder.
The deer had been shot by both father and son. Dad got the bragging rights and Craig got most of the meat.
Grandpa Heatley had a deer head in his barber shop on display. I don’t know if one of the Grandpa’s shot it. But it was on display for many years. I remember touching the glass eyes and wondering if they were real. The deer seemed sad to end up as a fixture in a barber shop. I never heard a story about the mounted head.
Hunting season will end after Thanksgiving. The deer and I will both rejoice.

Girls hunting trip

Every year, my dad and brothers went deer hunting.
My mother would take me to Detroit to the large Hudson’s department store.
Driving to five points, we then caught the bus to downtown.
The store had sixteen floors, in different themes.
My favorite floor was one that was devoted to children shopping for their family members.
No parents were allowed. all the gifts were priced under five dollars.
I would browse, looking for the perfect gift for my mom.
No cheap dime store perfume for her.
After shopping, we rode the elevator to the restaurant .
I always ordered clam chowder.
It was a whole day event
Copyright Nov. 21st ,2022

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