Watch and Wait January 30, 2023, 468 words

Over the last year, I have been recovering from a stroke. I have experienced lapses in memory, word recall, and retrieving items. I will walk into a room then have no clue what I wanted. I retrace my steps to find the memory thread. To get items kept in a same drawer now on a shelf. My husband, John, recently had a stroke. He already had some short term memory issues. It makes life interesting.
Last week John had open heart surgery. Afterwards, the doctors kept him sedated to allow his heart to recover. I wonder if I will see more thought and memory issues as he recovers.
I stayed alone in my home while John had surgery. I had to be mindful what I was doing and where I was going in and around the house.
For example, I put on shoes with treads to feed the squirrels. The deck was slick with ice. Tossing the sunflower seeds over the porch’s edge, I returned to the safety of the kitchen. I will not try to make my way to the mailbox. One of my neighbors can be asked to bring me the mail.
Last evening, I made my way downstairs to the washer and dryer area. I found the water on one side of the washer was disconnected. Only the hot water was on. The level of the water was on the lowest setting. Playing with the knobs, I finally got the load washed. Bringing the wash upstairs was another problem. Balancing the basket several steps above my step, I rested the clothes and lifted the basket one step at a time.
My mental map of the house doesn’t match what I remember from a year ago, especially if a piece of furniture has been moved. Before going into the hospital, John decided to move his La-Z-Boy and couch in the front room. I travel around the room daily to recall where items are now located.
After pulling several glass pie dishes off a high shelf and hitting my head with one, I learned to move all heavy glass pie pans to the basement for storage.
So now, I will wait and see what adjustments John and I will make to our lifestyles. As one friend remarked, “Aging is not for the weak.”
With love and a bit of laughter, we will learn skills anew.

Senior Time
I stop half way to remember where I am heading.
Finding myself in my office to find I have forgotten what I wanted.
I retrace my steps to the starting point to start anew.
Taking a moment, I wonder where the winding key for the clock went.
More than a senior moment, these are minutes.
“Now where did I leave my slippers?” January 30, 2023

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