Sibling Ties March 13, 2023 581 words

I grew up one of five siblings.My father , an ex Marine, expected his sons to be able to take care of each other. They fought, competed and played hard. My oldest brother Bob, recalled a time that he was angry with his brother Mike and took a swing at him. Mike was the bigger and stronger of the two. Laughing he wrapped Bob in a bear hug.
“Whoa there ,!”
Bob had to calm down before Mike would release his hold.
Brother Craig was not immune to rough play. Once, when the boys were playing on the basement steps, Craig tumbled down to the bottom ,I never heard what happened but I suspect that a tussle occur and Craig being the youngest lost.
The dynamics of sibling interactions changed when I was added to the mix. We would play in our back yard in the evenings. Usually, the game was badminton, croquet or kickball. One evening one of us had the idea to have a tussle with Craig on Mikes shoulders and I on Bobs shoulders. We fought, trying to push our opponents off their perch. My mother, watching from the kitchen window came running out.
“Stop!, be careful of your sister!”
After that, it was assumed that the boys had to treat me differently. I tried to join in their play with boxing, baseball and shooting baskets but I was treated with caution. I was ,”the girl.”
After six more years, my youngest brother , Brian was born. There was almost sixteen years between the oldest and youngest siblings, almost a generation. Both of my parents were in their forties. They had relaxed their rules . My older brothers complained that Brian got away with many small discretions that would not be tolerated in the early years of childrearing.
Brian loved cars. He and Dad would drive down to the local Ford dealer to check the latest arrivals of new models.
Brian had a car to drive to high school while the rest of us had to use the second car occasionally.
I enjoyed having a younger brother tag along with my friends. It helped that my two best friends had no siblings and enjoyed the novelty of a baby brother. As we grew, we became close sharing many stories and adventures. When I needed a car, Brian scoured the local paper for the perfect car for me. He would show me several cars each week. Finally , he found a yellow Trans Am with white leather seats and black interior.
“I love it!”
“You do?”
I bought it. Brian promised to keep the car in good repair. The first summer, he and his friend John, had a accident crossing 8 Mile road and true to his word he and John worked to repair the car. while I used his station wagon to get to work.
Sadly ,my brother Mike had cancer several years ago and is with us only in memories. I have special stories about each of my siblings and growing up in a post war era.

Brotherly Love

“I’ll give you a push.”
I swung higher , wondering if the swing would go over the top.
Using a teeter totter with my brother, he jumps off.
I hit the ground and topple off.
I follow him as he crosses a creek on a log.
I lose my balance tumbling into the water.
Tough love but if I am threatened, I know he has my back.
Thats brotherly love. March13 2023

One thought on “Sibling Ties March 13, 2023 581 words

  1. Hi Carol. A very nice post. I shared it onto my Facebook and tagged my sister in it so she could see.
    she and I are considered “Half sisters” I say Pish to that. She’s my Sis and I cannot imagine life without her.
    Sadly, my middle sister and I are estranged. She allows things into her life, I cannot have around.
    I enjoyed this very much. It brought back neighborhood memories as a kid out playing with my sisters and our friends.
    Thanks for a lovely morning read.


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