What a difference a day makes April 17th, 2023 180 words

Spring can be a time of quick changes. Saturday evening, in shorts and short sleeves, rode our tandem to evening Mass. Today my back yard is covered with a light blanket of white. A lone squirrel scampers onto the deck to stare at me. I ignore him as I drink my second cup of coffee.
I start my indoor chores, long deferred with the 80 degree temperatures. The winter clothes could be exchanged for summer attire in the closet. I need to wipe down the kitchen drawers removing the crumbs accumulated during the winter. Finally, there is the matter of straightening the hall linen closet to put away the odd and ends of items that don’t belong.
I ponder my options…then get myself another cup of coffee.

Spring Snow

Soft flakes,
Soft blanket of white,
Covers the yellow forsythia bushes.
Splashes of green, gold and white potpourri.
last hurrah.

copyright 4/17/2023

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