The fragrance of Lilacs 5-8-2023 303 words

One of my earliest memories of fragrances is of lilacs. My bedroom was over our garage. Outside my window was a old lilac bush. Towering 18 feet, it filled my bedroom in the early summer with the smell of lilacs.
I opened my window to pick bouquets of the blooms. The color of the flowers were a light blue. They hung heavy on the bushes. Care was taken when picking blooms. The scent and colors attracted many bees to gather nectar. I would pick the flowers in the early morning when the worker bees were not as likely to be present.
In the back yard, a hedgerow of lilacs spread across the back of the garden. The were purple except for one bush. This one was creamy white. When gathering the blooms for a bouquet, I would be sure to select white and purple blooms.
As an adult with my own home, I planted a pink flowering lilac to remind me of the lilacs of my youth. The scent of lilacs can evoke memories from my childhood.
On my block, there were many lilacs in neighbors yards. On the corner, three houses away was a grouping of dark purple lilacs planted on the corner close to each other. They grew, intertwining their buds and branches to create an oasis of shade for children to play unseen. My friend Cheryll and I would meet there and spend long hours reading books or talking. The flowers created a pleasant smell. The buzzing of the bees combined with early summer days to create lasting memories.
Recently, I visited the old neighborhood to discover many of the lilacs no longer grow there. But they will remain in my home of the past. Who needs photos, I have my recall of those sweet flowers.

Carol Farnsworth

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