September 10, 2020 Lemonade with a PunchMy Dad was a tease and trickster. He wasn’t mean. He liked to play jokes. Sometimes they backfired. This happened when his Grandmother Turnbull was visiting one summer.It was a hot and Dad offered Grandmother Turnbull some cold lemonade. Along with the fresh squeezed lemons, sugar and water, heContinue reading

The Starfish August 8, 2020 In this time of unrest and uncertainty, I recall an ancient Hawaiian story about starfish. Indulge me if you have heard it. I think it bears repeating.Once a wiseman or a Kahuna who walked the beaches in the early morning to meditate and commune with great God. Ka-Ne. He wasContinue reading

Rooted in Theater August 3, 2020 When I was a child, I loved to perform for friends and family. I would sing, dance or recite poems. I had a solo in first grade in a Christmas pageant. i was curious about the old P and A theater in my home town of Northville.i would attendContinue reading

Exploring the Past August 27, 2020 As a child, I loved to visit my Grandma Jennie and Grandpa Cliff. The house was full of hidden surprises and full candy dishes. But when the weather allowed, I went to explore the backyard.This large yard was divided into two sections by a gated fence. It was double theContinue reading

August 25, 2020 Phantom Vision No I am not talking about Halloween and Tricker Treaters. Or seeing visions where there is nothing. I am talking about what my brain sees with blindness.Even before I was totally blind, I would allow my imagination to look at objects and let my brain come up with the pictureContinue reading

The Bees Knees August 20, 2020 When I was a kid, my Dad use this phrase to discribe something little and cute. When I think of honey bees or bumble bees I have another opinion. I like many people lump bees with other stinging insects and avoid them. Recently, I was visiting an old friendContinue reading

Kids and blind parents August 18 2020

As school is starting, I was remembering my parenting experiences being a low vision parent. Below are some situations that I found myself in. Kids And Blind Parents Parents have challenges raising children. The children are always testing the limits of family rules. The child see what they can get away with and what theContinue reading “Kids and blind parents August 18 2020”