blind and medical needs in a pandemic

Today I realized that’s my bio-rhythm is much diferrrant that sightedpeople. I have bright days, gray days and grey days and finally I have black. This is not referring to a mood but actually what my mind tries to see.Today the day is bright and it will be that way until I go to bed.Continue reading “blind and medical needs in a pandemic”

May 2020 Settling In the blind with. medical

I had 3 hours of therapy a day with one day off for good behavior . Even on the off day, I was given hand and leg exercises. I had to introduce my body to sitting upright for longer periods. Each person has to take responsibility as par of his or her treatment. That meansContinue reading “May 2020 Settling In the blind with. medical”

May 2020 blind and health care in a pandemic

The rehab unit was one floor above me.This hospital was corona free and was in a state of lock down. No visiters or family were allowed. It was spookily quiet. I was set to meet the team and discuss my goals. When iI reported that I would to be independent , the staff thought IIwasContinue reading “May 2020 blind and health care in a pandemic”