May 26 All in good time

My Mother used to tell me,”All in good time or time will heal” I have ample time to reflect on the issue of time and healing. I have found that time varies in how quickly time passes. The more I interacted with others, I didn’t notice the passage of time. Constructive work makes time pass quickly.What can we make from this time? If you have to go through a time of pain and healing, concentrate on others , not yourself. It will keep you connected and you will find you feel better.I was thinking of healthy food and I desired an apple. Here is my poem about apples. Read in good health!
applessweet, tart or juicy red, yellow,green round globesSliced or cut in half, revealing seed star

May 21 2020 Thanks and a prayer

It is with sadness and joy thatI bid farewell to this life change. I have not asked for this but accepted it.

I wish to thank friends daily and the staff for teaching and sharing

I also wish to Thank John for keeping the phone and talkin to this coffee deprive wife early in the day.You and I have been through a lot.

Finally Thank you to the readers of this topic Thank you with all my heart.

Things can wreak a body

one step a slip or fall

there you are in a new world

of pain, hurt for you and your love ones

You strive to return to what you were

knowin that you are changed

You seek strength in all you touch

But you put your hope in the healer of all

Thank you all for your healing touch

May 21 2020

Sleep is important .Wake up

  I know that hospitals run on a 24 hour schedule  I do not .When I am told that the staff is finished for the night I believe what I am told.

  I slip into sleepwear and package the hearing aids for the night. I sleep deeply and am startled several times a night performing certain tasks . I have to point to the ears and wake up while I put in the hearing aids. I am not disturbed with vitals and shots but yesterday, I was startled with a head close to mine she said that I had stopped breathing and was holding an inhale it scared me and i couldn’t get to sleep afterwards.

  I still have to tell staff, even blind , I can be startled .

  Lord lay me down to sleep

don’t disturb me in the nest

if you call I won’t reply

hearin aids are packed away

allow sleep to heal and cure

I will call you for the rest.

Bladder dysfunction in long term care

may 20 2020i will be going home with more that i planned on i have a bladder infection This could e due in part, to long use of catheterWhen i arrived at the hospital all i wanted was pain relief and a drained bladder. A week later and I am working to do this simple task I suspect that I had the infection before I came to the hospital , I would not want to learn to self-catheter as a blind person. I have had my share of poor and good draining.I hope to be discharged by Saturday.

hard day walker shuffle are push off from the weak leg I look ahead towards. my goal homeward

5,20,2020 Just the 29.99 fix

i take my body to the repair shop to fix recent dents and bumpsthe doctor said “ do you have an ulcer “We can fix that we would like to study it”Also you may have sleep apnea
i protest’ this is a four door not a Ferrari,Give me the 29.99 special!
As my time here in medical lockdown is coming to an end, I find that other medical issues are being found to bring to my attention to try to resolve.In the middle of the night , they would like to insert oxygen to help with sleep apnea. It irritates my nose and interrupts my sleep. My doctor said it would go down in my notes but not worked on now.The issue of the bleeding ulcer is one that they would like to resolve. They took samples and want to study it. I said, Just help heal it and I will moniter the issue. Once doctors have you in their system, they want to fix all of you. I find that I am an older model and don’t mind a few nicks and scratches. Just give me the standard fix and we will call it good.Tomorrow, getting to leave lockdown.

fix and we will call it good.Tomorrow, getting to leave lockdown.

Day 18 What else can happen?

Spring scents in misty morns-crisp on the outside but sterile withinI long to feel the breeze lift my tendrils as the risen sun warms thecheeks and hands looking forward to the day

last evening , I had a low hemoglobins count and a dark stool. I thought about the questionts they asked “did you see the color?” “Have you had blood on your paper?” Now as a blind. person, I have not checked this nor asked John to do so What does a single blind person do?I ended up with a bleeding ulcer. But it could be worse.It is so important for all of us to stay up to date on our health. I could have had this issue for months. How would I know?As an aside, I was tested for the corona virus before I was given an upper GI. To keep the doctors safe.O beautiful waves of. grass encased in plexiglass

May 17 the hospital’s idea of a rest day

I was told that I had a rest day today. The hospital’s idea of a rest day is to get up and try to use the restroom every half an hour. Muscles stretch, arm are used arms to propel my body forward into the bathroom. I have faith that staff will team me right from left.As the day progresses, my hemoglobins drops and i need a blood transfusion . They will check my upper GI tomorrow.But wait, tomorrow is Sunday. and during the pandemic , they are scrambling to find a doctor to preform the GI.If this is their idea of rest,give me a full therapy day.

haiku dark waiting alone with my thoughts losing time
Tomorrow I will tell the outcome.

May 16 Tactile eating

Many of us when we go to the hospital, try to eat a diet that will promote healing. We don’t always make good choices . Here comes the dietitian . . I tried to pick foods that I like and were easier to eat. last night was the worst . I ordered squash because veggies usually come in a small bowl. They took up half the plate and were between me and the macaroni and cheese. I kept finding ii with my fingers. The coffee and all drinks ar refilled to the top. Not easy to drink. I wear a towel and use 3 napkins.Meal time makes it harder to maintain independence.Tommorow I will write of home care planning.

food acrostic poem

I reach for what awaited ,could be bacon, or squashoh no! the toast in in the coffee. I give up

blind and medical needs in a pandemic

Today I realized that’s my bio-rhythm is much diferrrant that sightedpeople. I have bright days, gray days and grey days and finally I have black. This is not referring to a mood but actually what my mind tries to see.Today the day is bright and it will be that way until I go to bed. With knowledge k I will work harder and push my limits.So this knowledge , I will push .I have some bettI want to increase the ability to sit without pain. Also to stay on the toilet for longer time periods.I have some writing goals to include

.’Wish me luck


spring laps air in here , there is scrubbed oxygen

May 2020 In Medical Lockdown

That first evening, I was grateful to be in a place that would give me enough pain meds and Help me to move. a fractured pelvis is the most painful because of the nerve cells firing up and down the legs from the lower back to thighs and calf’s. You never know when a sharp pain will hit, double if you with pain. You can’t trust you own body to work.The first evening I just wanted to sleep with less pain. I was not aware when I was moved or a catheter was inserted. Frankly, I felt better, I didn’t care.Now to a blind person going through a new ward, I kept my hearing aids in but I sometimes to guess what I was being asked. No one told me to drink lots of water. I may have had better luck with a reaction to Narco.The issue of eating was an ongoing issue. I wanted to be independent and. be in charge of my pain. The. staff wanted to raise my headboard quickly. I would back the staff away after they opened my tray. I had a limited reach and asked all liquids to be placed in the right front and the eating silverware to be on the left.I tryed. to eat mostly finger foods.haiku I reach for foodto feel empty platemissed again

Tomorrow Moving up to Rehab