blind and medical needs in a pandemic

Today I realized that’s my bio-rhythm is much diferrrant that sightedpeople. I have bright days, gray days and grey days and finally I have black. This is not referring to a mood but actually what my mind tries to see.Today the day is bright and it will be that way until I go to bed. With knowledge k I will work harder and push my limits.So this knowledge , I will push .I have some bettI want to increase the ability to sit without pain. Also to stay on the toilet for longer time periods.I have some writing goals to include

.’Wish me luck


spring laps air in here , there is scrubbed oxygen

May 2020 In Medical Lockdown

That first evening, I was grateful to be in a place that would give me enough pain meds and Help me to move. a fractured pelvis is the most painful because of the nerve cells firing up and down the legs from the lower back to thighs and calf’s. You never know when a sharp pain will hit, double if you with pain. You can’t trust you own body to work.The first evening I just wanted to sleep with less pain. I was not aware when I was moved or a catheter was inserted. Frankly, I felt better, I didn’t care.Now to a blind person going through a new ward, I kept my hearing aids in but I sometimes to guess what I was being asked. No one told me to drink lots of water. I may have had better luck with a reaction to Narco.The issue of eating was an ongoing issue. I wanted to be independent and. be in charge of my pain. The. staff wanted to raise my headboard quickly. I would back the staff away after they opened my tray. I had a limited reach and asked all liquids to be placed in the right front and the eating silverware to be on the left.I tryed. to eat mostly finger foods.haiku I reach for foodto feel empty platemissed again

Tomorrow Moving up to Rehab

May 2020 Settling In the blind with. medical

I had 3 hours of therapy a day with one day off for good behavior . Even on the off day, I was given hand and leg exercises. I had to introduce my body to sitting upright for longer periods. Each person has to take responsibility as par of his or her treatment. That means that I share that I would wait for instruction before falling into a chair. or bed. The staff had to trust that this blind woman would listen and do what what asked.It didn’t hurt to ask a friend to make some cookies for the staff break room.I stated my preference. for one therapist over another with a good reason. Several therapists had soft and quiet voices making it difficult to understand what I was to do. This kept each person’s dignity.It helped that the pain was finally under control.I was sleeping better and sleeping better. I was not falling asleep in therapy sessions.Kindness and respect is the key. We are all affected with separation for our love ones.The next blog will include maintaining with your pants down.
Corona an acrostic. poemCold bedpans stick to the bottom.Overcome with pain of the sufferingReality sets in As I pray for the others Only now we touch through plasticNear to ve touched with glovesAny blind person can feel the care.

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May 2020 blind and health care in a pandemic

The rehab unit was one floor above me.
This hospital was corona free and was in a state of lock down. No visiters or family were allowed. It was spookily quiet. I was set to meet the team and discuss my goals. When iI reported that I would to be independent , the staff thought IIwas do all the cooking, cleaning and household tasks, they seemed surprized. They were concerned that ai would use a white cane with a walker , I smiled and replied that I would attached one to the front of the walker. I was kidding but they took it seriously . I was given a half day to unpack and settle in. I was given access with a guest portals to use the internet. . What I noticed was I would be the trainer for myself. For example, I asked the staff to describe the room, They turned and started to discripe the view. “Forget the view, where is the bathroom?”
I was continued to be asked what I could perceive visuall. I continue to reply,”I see?, “I would nothing.”
I would be patient and kind and patient. I would try to smile and and smile.
My reach was decreased, and I have,
Tomorrow, the therapy begins!

A new start
with an old body
end result?

May 2020 day 3 Bunps in the Road

Riding. the bumps of Health care system blind
By Monday of the second week,, I was in misery. I asked for a face to face doctor appointment. It was difficult to hear and answer the questions asked by the provider. When the tablet was moved, the connection cut out and I had to have assistance to re-connect to the provider. She finally determined that the legs were swollen and may be caused by blood clots. . We were told to go into the emergency room twice in less than a week. John spoke up and said he could not get me into the car.
We had to order the ambulance. They came but wanted me to walk to the van.. I insisted to be put flat on the stretcher.
The ride was uneventful . but when we made to the emergency area, I was left alone. I was given a large array of call buttons, only one button had the braille symbol for Murse. The rest of the buttons were to access the tv. I was kept informed of the tests, exrays and ultra determine the extent of the treatment plan. I was admitted for observation . I was not informed that observation static was not covered by Medicaid.
As a blind person, it would have been helpful either having staff member present to explain the options. I was asked to sign a digital board , but I had no clue what I was signing. But I was in the hospital. The next blog will cover getting into a room.
Wait, wait, wait
for what I don’t know
not in control

blind and the pandemic day 2

May 2020 the blind and medical care during a pandemic
I first want to apologize for the grammar and punctuation errors in the first post. I had loss feeling in my fingers making typing difficult.
I will pick up the story after being sent home from urgent care. The pain meds ran out and I was in pain and moving around less and less. I called urgent care to hear my options. They said go to emergency. I was there alone, with no one to explain what was going on. There were several people waiting but keeping social distance.
Finally, I was in and getting more ex ray. I was told to go home and use a walker. The stores were closed so my husband made one.
What was different as a blind and hearing impaired person. There was no braille or recorded information. It was difficult to hear some of the medical person. I tryed to rephrase what the medical persons told me but I still didn’t grasp the seriousness of my condition.A PT home care was ordered, but once a week.
I became a semi i0-invalids and was using my husband to get up . If I heard that was a possibility I would called the doctor’s office earlier. It would have better explained with a three d model to feel the cracks.
I am alone
cocooned in my pain
to be seen

I I shelter here
in a hospital
voices surround.
The next post will be the ride in the ambulance .
Stay safe.

may 2020

dear bloggers, I find myself in a medical rehab site during this pandemic lockdown. I as a hearing impaired and blind woman will tell you the funny and strange medical situations That I encounter. It is a good lesson for all of us.

My story began two weeks ago when I slipped off the bottom stairs and fell on my left hip.

we went to Urgent care and they told me I had a crack in my punic bone. We went to Urgent care and were sent to mend. The funny part of the visit was They wanted me to be left without my husband. He said that She hears poorly and sees nothing. Good luck. After consulting, they allowed him to stay . We were both masked.

More tomorrow .

may2020Dear fellow bloggers. I have found i am caught in medical rehab for the next two weeks. aaai will post short notes about a hard of hearing and blind person in the medical rehab for the next two weeks. I will be posting short of my experience as a hard of hearing and blind patient in a lock down pandemic . Let the saga begin.

I have found that visual person are sure toy can see something . though this is true in some cases , I have to remind people that I have no vision .

more tomorrow

dear blog followers,

UI have been caught in the medical rehab in this time of lock down. I will try to record my experiences as a hard of hearing and blind put in medical rehab for the next two weeks. The posts will be as I can

April 30 For The Dogs

When my husband and I go for a walk or a tandem bike ride, we have noticed increased dog walking. We will stop to admire a well behave dog. I am asked “Why don’t you have a leader dog?” I usually laugh and reply,”I have a seeing eye husband.” But the real story is below.

For The Dogs
A number of years ago I was sent to training in Kalamazoo for computers, braille and cooking.
During the two week session I was exposed to many aspects of living with low vision. I adapted to most situations ,except leader dogs.
Two dogs were brought to the schools to introduce them to us. Gus a golden lab and Helga a large German Shepherd were paired with us to try to be lead by them through the halls.
Helga was paired with the men and the women were paired with the smaller Gus.
When it was my turn I was given some simple hand instructions to tell the Gus to go, stop, left and right. I have to confess that being a lefty I have always had difficulty telling my left from my right.
I grabbed the harness handle and flicked my hand forward while saying Gus forward. He happily complied . The trouble came when I wanted him to turn right. I said Gus Right but I gave the hand movement to turn left. He was confused and hesitated. I gave the verbal command but still gave the wrong hand signal. In desperation I told Gus to go forward but gave the hand signal to stop. Gus flopped down on the tiles and refused to get up. I guess that he was n’t going anywhere with a person that didn’t know her left from her right. Now if I had been paired with Helga , she would have probably been more aggressive and indicated you will come with me.
I don’t know if the dogs graduated to be leader dogs. Except for the brief introduction to leader dogs I did pass my classes. I know that I don’t have the skills to be partnered with a dog. I can only hope that Gus’s brief interaction with me didn’t ruin his training.

April 28 Remembering Touching

I was remembering the days when I could hug my friends and family. As a blind person, I was often asked to touch people’s faces. They wrongly believed that the only way a blind individual could physically know another was to feel a face. Voice, inflection and strength can be read in a hug. Below is an article about feeling faces to remember when social distancing is lifted.

Here is to days of social closeness again

. I don’t do faces. I don’t get much out of touching a stranger’s face. I will touch my husband’s hair and eyebrows after a trip to the barber, or my daughter’s new hair cut or a friend’s new earrings but I try to avoid feeling faces. Many people think that is the only way a blind person can know another person. They forget about voice, body image and vocal inflection. I try to decline offers of face touching by giving a alternate… a quick hug. I get more information about a person from the strength , and body image that I can get from a quick hug.
I have had two occasions that I couldn’t avoid face touching . Both incidents happened at a church in New Mexico. I was coming out of church, when Father spotted my white cane. As I offered my hand to shake Father’s, He grabbed my hand and tapped all over his face. The only thing I learned from this touching was he was tall and had a receding hairline!
As I started to back away a voice next to Father’ spoke saying,”Now you must touch a REAL man!” I thought,”I am in trouble now.” The deacon didn’t grab my hand but gently put my hand not on his face but on the most soft, thick and clean beard I had ever felt. I took several moments to feel the beard from ear to ear. I murmured,” it’s lovely, Thank you!” He looked sideways at my husband and remarked,”He could grow one too.” “I don’t think so,” I retorted.
This face touching doesn’t occur with just women. My friend ,Allen, was celebrating his birthday with several friends at a favorite restaurant . The table next to him had several ladies listening and inquiring about Allen and his abilities without sight. One of the ladies dearly wanted him to touch her face. He declined several times but when he rose to leave, the she grabbed Allen’s hand and tapped and rubbed all over her face. Later, Allen stated that the only he got of that face touching was a bad cold!
face touching like hugging and handshakes should be at the request of the blind person.

Roots and Connections
We are all connected to each other by many roots.
We call, email, fax and message to stay in touch.
But the best way is face to face, Now with six feet distance.
How I long to give my friends a hug, a smile, to be physically connected again.

blind person.