may 2020

dear bloggers, I find myself in a medical rehab site during this pandemic lockdown. I as a hearing impaired and blind woman will tell you the funny and strange medical situations That I encounter. It is a good lesson for all of us.

My story began two weeks ago when I slipped off the bottom stairs and fell on my left hip.

we went to Urgent care and they told me I had a crack in my punic bone. We went to Urgent care and were sent to mend. The funny part of the visit was They wanted me to be left without my husband. He said that She hears poorly and sees nothing. Good luck. After consulting, they allowed him to stay . We were both masked.

More tomorrow .

may2020Dear fellow bloggers. I have found i am caught in medical rehab for the next two weeks. aaai will post short notes about a hard of hearing and blind person in the medical rehab for the next two weeks. I will be posting short of my experience as a hard of hearing and blind patient in a lock down pandemic . Let the saga begin.

I have found that visual person are sure toy can see something . though this is true in some cases , I have to remind people that I have no vision .

more tomorrow

dear blog followers,

UI have been caught in the medical rehab in this time of lock down. I will try to record my experiences as a hard of hearing and blind put in medical rehab for the next two weeks. The posts will be as I can

April 30 For The Dogs

When my husband and I go for a walk or a tandem bike ride, we have noticed increased dog walking. We will stop to admire a well behave dog. I am asked “Why don’t you have a leader dog?” I usually laugh and reply,”I have a seeing eye husband.” But the real story is below.

For The Dogs
A number of years ago I was sent to training in Kalamazoo for computers, braille and cooking.
During the two week session I was exposed to many aspects of living with low vision. I adapted to most situations ,except leader dogs.
Two dogs were brought to the schools to introduce them to us. Gus a golden lab and Helga a large German Shepherd were paired with us to try to be lead by them through the halls.
Helga was paired with the men and the women were paired with the smaller Gus.
When it was my turn I was given some simple hand instructions to tell the Gus to go, stop, left and right. I have to confess that being a lefty I have always had difficulty telling my left from my right.
I grabbed the harness handle and flicked my hand forward while saying Gus forward. He happily complied . The trouble came when I wanted him to turn right. I said Gus Right but I gave the hand movement to turn left. He was confused and hesitated. I gave the verbal command but still gave the wrong hand signal. In desperation I told Gus to go forward but gave the hand signal to stop. Gus flopped down on the tiles and refused to get up. I guess that he was n’t going anywhere with a person that didn’t know her left from her right. Now if I had been paired with Helga , she would have probably been more aggressive and indicated you will come with me.
I don’t know if the dogs graduated to be leader dogs. Except for the brief introduction to leader dogs I did pass my classes. I know that I don’t have the skills to be partnered with a dog. I can only hope that Gus’s brief interaction with me didn’t ruin his training.

April 28 Remembering Touching

I was remembering the days when I could hug my friends and family. As a blind person, I was often asked to touch people’s faces. They wrongly believed that the only way a blind individual could physically know another was to feel a face. Voice, inflection and strength can be read in a hug. Below is an article about feeling faces to remember when social distancing is lifted.

Here is to days of social closeness again

. I don’t do faces. I don’t get much out of touching a stranger’s face. I will touch my husband’s hair and eyebrows after a trip to the barber, or my daughter’s new hair cut or a friend’s new earrings but I try to avoid feeling faces. Many people think that is the only way a blind person can know another person. They forget about voice, body image and vocal inflection. I try to decline offers of face touching by giving a alternate… a quick hug. I get more information about a person from the strength , and body image that I can get from a quick hug.
I have had two occasions that I couldn’t avoid face touching . Both incidents happened at a church in New Mexico. I was coming out of church, when Father spotted my white cane. As I offered my hand to shake Father’s, He grabbed my hand and tapped all over his face. The only thing I learned from this touching was he was tall and had a receding hairline!
As I started to back away a voice next to Father’ spoke saying,”Now you must touch a REAL man!” I thought,”I am in trouble now.” The deacon didn’t grab my hand but gently put my hand not on his face but on the most soft, thick and clean beard I had ever felt. I took several moments to feel the beard from ear to ear. I murmured,” it’s lovely, Thank you!” He looked sideways at my husband and remarked,”He could grow one too.” “I don’t think so,” I retorted.
This face touching doesn’t occur with just women. My friend ,Allen, was celebrating his birthday with several friends at a favorite restaurant . The table next to him had several ladies listening and inquiring about Allen and his abilities without sight. One of the ladies dearly wanted him to touch her face. He declined several times but when he rose to leave, the she grabbed Allen’s hand and tapped and rubbed all over her face. Later, Allen stated that the only he got of that face touching was a bad cold!
face touching like hugging and handshakes should be at the request of the blind person.

Roots and Connections
We are all connected to each other by many roots.
We call, email, fax and message to stay in touch.
But the best way is face to face, Now with six feet distance.
How I long to give my friends a hug, a smile, to be physically connected again.

blind person.

April 23 Bless the Beast and Children

Bless The Beasts and Children
I heard a story yesterday that China’s air pollution has decreased by 40%. Now the sky is blue and the distant Himalayan mountains can be viewed. Many of our own cities air is cleaner and free of pollution. It is too bad that we had to pay such a high cost to have cleaner air . The question is,”Why did it take so long?” Mother Nature , given time, can recover.
I heard that the deer in a local large city have been running down the main corridors. Without the people and traffic they are venturing far afield.Below is a Haiku for the deer.

deer run free
where people can not
both are safe

I heard that one of the allowed outdoor activities is morel mushroom hunting. I saw neighbors with buckets in the wood lot and wrote a poem from a squirrel’s point of view.
People Are Nuts

A squirrel looks down into the woods.
There are People where there should be none.
They are carrying buckets and picking wrinkled fungi.
“I wouldn’t eat those growths!” thought the squirrel.
Now People are putting out food for the third time today.
When my friends and I come to feed, they just stare at us.
I hope this doesn’t last.
I am getting too fat to wriggle into my nest.
Our pets must wonder why the humans are home so much. We are taking
many long walks and dogs may note that it is their masters that are wearing muzzles They may think they have a person that bites!
My daughter’s three cats have become more friendly and willing to share their space with humans Here is a poem about one of the cats.

stretches to watch
fingers dance over keys
she has ignored me for too long

Our children are a joy and blessing during this time together. My niece has found that the change from hurried mornings to get her daughter to daycare and herself to work has changed. Now her daughter runs into her parents bed room and snuggles into their bed. There, they discuss what there plans are for the day. Recently, they had a pajama day. The poem below is to celebrate that day.
Pajama Day
The sun shines bright, the day is warm
why worry about what to wear?
It’s a pajama day.
a glorious thing to do.
no shoes, slippers will do.
Let’s take a walk with robes over pj’s
How fun to see the people stare.
They shake their heads and we smile.
Bet they wish for a pajama day.
Now that the day is through What should we do?
Bathe and put on…
Clean pajamas
Let’s think of the blessings that we can find in this day . Find something to smile about.
warming smiles
watching nature out
our windows

April 21 2020 Hopecut stemsforsythiapetals drop, leaves unfurl,roots growthirstily for moisturein vasepeople’sexpectationswhen kept indoors for daysgrowing towards each other’s needswith love.All long to feel the sun’s warmth again.We are told that the virus victims are decreasing and the number of new cases is on the downturn. But how can we believe what we hear in the news and what is not reported.People are drawing their own conclusions and are determining that they will not become sick or worse they think that it won’t affect them and their loved ones.We see demonstrations , long lines at food banks and families with little money to buy necessity’s . We can bring some hope to people in our network. One kind act at a time. Like a pebble dropped into water, concurrent circles are formed and move out from the pebbles entrance. Now what if there are 10, 20, or even 50 pebbles of kindness tossed into the mix. They interact and cause long range reactions. I am advocating being positive while remaining safe while in public. We can cling to the Hope that the corona virus is on the decline and We can return to close social interactions in the future. Hold on a little longer.

April 16 Sick(no) and Tired (yes)

April 16 Sick,(no) and Tired(yes)
The shutdown and sheltering is growing tedious to many people. They have a point. They want to get to their planting for the coming year. They live in an area that the corona virus has had little impact.
What they don’t want to admit that a plateau of new case is not the end of the threat. Opening of normal commerce and social interactions could bring a new wave of the disease.
We are all tired but we share this feeling with our friends and family.
We should think of the grocery workers, janitors and check out clerks. The food service and package delivery service for continuing to bring us ordered items.
Finally the trash and postal workers for weekly pick up and daily delivery. The truckers that work to bring needed supplies to the stores and all of the hospital workers. We can tolerate the sheltering in place for a little longer to keep these people safe. If you encounter any of them Thank them for continuing to come to work each day.
As for the businesses that are eager to open, I hope that they would be thinking of how they will keep their employees and consumers safe as they slowly reopen. We all can hold on for a little longer.
Hold On

as you cook your meal,
think of those who have run out of food.
Give a donation to a food bank.
When you are reading a book,
think of those who have lost their shelters.
Give to the Red Cross.
When you wonder what to do next,
think of the need for blood.
Call for a donation appointment.
Call, write or message to encourage others.
Thank all the people that make it possible to
stay well and safe.

April 14 Is this Freedom?

This is Freedom?
This week,I opened all the windows to air out the house. Afterwards. I wondered if this was smart idea.
these days we question many activities we took for granted.
we voluntarily limit our personal freedoms for the sake of others. We, as a nation , are putting life above liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
May the actions and choices we perform now be judged by history as the best for all the people.
Remembering the unemployed, homeless and children not being fed, may we give to food baskets and food vans to feed the hungry.
May we send messages of encouragement to health care workers and first responders that continue to put themselves in harms way.
Finally, that we all follow the actions that our governors have requested to keep the transmission of the Corona virus to a minimum. It will take all of us to allow freedom to ring again.

Freedom Rings

From the start of this great land,
Religion and races slowly united.
Each person wished to pursue their own happiness.
Emphasizing personal freedom.
Down the pages of history,
Opposing first tyranny, then each other.
Many mistakes were made.
Rising from division to unite,
Individuals formed a new country.
Never did the world see its like.Great in its diversity,
still striving to have
Freedom ring!

April 9,2020 Lost and Found

Lost and Found
I hear many people lament on what they have lost in this time of seclusion. Loss of personal freedom, physical closeness with friends and love ones and economic decline.
I find that there are gains to be grateful for. Time to pray, meditate and reach out to others in new and creative ways.
The internet has been a gift to send messages to friends across the globe.
IPhones have allowed phone calls to reach family members with little or no cost.
Conference calling have brought groups and worship communities together.
Don’t forget the US Postal service to send mail. The workers have continued to deliver the mail to all of us 6 days a week.
Finally I support the local food banks and contribute to the first responders as they continue the fight with this virus.

Lost and Found
A little girl has loss her school
but her Daddy is playing with her.
A toddler can’t see her day care friends
but her Mother is reading to her more.
A teenager can’t play sports, but
they have found that they can help seniors with groceries and dog walking.
Families have loss the ability to go out to dimmer, but
they have found time to make their favorite meals at home.
Neighbors that had passing recognition , now
look to each other for support.
Communities once distance, now
support the lonely and weaker members.
May we remember the lessons
Long after the virus is defeated.
Blessings to all of you.

April 6 2020 Nature is Free People are Not

My husband and I have been riding our tandem bike during the bast 4 weeks. We have passed many bikers, walkers and strollers enjoying nature. The idea of social distancing varies with each group. Many families are together and are close. When passing groups , it is commen to give a verbal greeting and stop to exchange news.
We are entering a critical time in the next two weeks. We are being asked to wear masks while out in the public. This will keep all of us from spreading the virus. Remember, 25% of the population are a symptomatic but can be carriers.
While enjoying Nature, be s smart and protect yourself and your community.The Spring flowers will smell just as sweet with your nose and mouth covered.Here is a
link to make your own masks.

Nature Loosened

A hawk soars high on air currents.
Liberated from earthly bounds,
he pursues his quarry with unfettered flight.

Newly hatched minnows race to follow the cold stream’s current.
They swim quickly towards open water.

Deer emerge into the warm sun from the cool woods.
They nibble new grass and play follow the leader across the meadow.
scampering across melting snow.

Trees and shrubs burst with buds from the Spring rain and sun.
Unfurling their tender growth.

Nature alive, glowing , freely given,
But man cannot see the free flight of the hawk.
Only the narrow path in front of himself.

He walks, swatting newly hatched gnats but fails to see the insects are food for the minnows.

As he escapes from the warming sun to the woods, He tramples on delicate wild flowers.

Nature is freely giving but man cannot grasp the gift!