Epiphany, January 6, 2022

Epiphany or the manifestation of Christ to the Gentiles, is celebrated as part of the Christmas tide.The date can vary from the Sunday after New Year’s to the 19th of January. Differences are due in part to using the Julian or the Gregorian calendars. The Catholic church along with other Western Christian churches changed the celebration to the Sunday after New Years Day. The traditional day for Epiphany is November 6

Even the events that this holiday commemorates different events in Christ’s life.

In the western churches the emphasis is on the visitation of the Magi to the child Jesus. It marks the gift of the Christ to the Gentiles.

In the Eastern Churches the date marks when Christ initiated his public ministry. The baptism of Jesus as well as the wedding of Canna is celebrated .

Tradition dictates that Christmas decorations are taken down the day after Epiphany or on January 7th.

This year, I am leaving the decorations up until the 7 th, or the last day of Epiphany tide. My Daughter and Son in Law are to visit the Sunday before . It will be a very Christmas celebration.

So if you feel like continuing the Holidays, You have an extension by tradition into Mid January.



Every year we celebrate the holidays.

People agree on most dates to celebrate.

In some cases, Epiphany’s date is elusive.

Perhaps it is tradition or covenience.

Happily, all can agree on the Manifestation of the Lord.

Another reason to celebrate in January is welcome.

No objections to any holiday.

Yearning to keep the holiday spirit going, we keep up our Christmas lights.

Carol Farnsworth


Copyright 1/6/22

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