National Poetry at Work Day, January 11, 2022

I love seeing any day that celebrates poetry in our lives. With that said ,how do you combined poetry at the workplace?

Making up a short message to put on a sticky note or at the bottom of an email. A little note will brighten a co-worker’s day. “Stacks of folders, don’t be forelorn. After all, the coffee is warm. “

If you work with children, read the group one of your favorite limericks. I could reach for Dr. Seuss , start a story and stop to ask, ” what will happen next?” See what the children come up with. Have the children draw a part of the made up story.

If you work with adults, bring your favorite poetry book or poem and read it to your friends over coffee. A poem about coffee would be icing on the cake.

Tomorrow, I will work on a poem because I am a poet. If I can share a poem with one of my friends or acquaintances It will make both of our days. Today is also National morse Code day. I have been told by friends that Braille is like morse code to try to learn. I counter that it depends on the ability to feel braille or hear differences in dots and dashes. A person learns what he or she needs to communicate. Though the Morse code is not as used by many people, they have an idea of the system. Sadly, braille is seen as bumps on a page, with no recognized system.

For a number of years, I volunteered with my husband to teach third graders about braille and all things for the blind. I made braille name tags for each child, they saw the braille system as a novelty rather that a system to read and write.

In my world , I would be pleased to write a short poem in braille and have co-workers ask me what it says.



With six dots,

my fingers can do,

what my eyes cannot.

read and write.

copyright 1/11/21

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